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Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. is a world-trusted manufacturer of high-performance optical lenses, which provide a perfect vision experience. Since its foundation in 1971, the company has always stood for innovation and know-how, offering custom-designed technology for life improvement, performance sports, fashion, occupational single vision, and progressive lenses. Today, Shamir offers a truly comprehensive range of age- and task-specific optical and sunglass lenses, which make reading, digital device use, urban and sports life, easier and more comfortable than ever.

Breakthrough Technologies that Enhance Optical Lens Capabilities

Shamir invests heavily in research and development in order to ensure both the wearer’s comfort and optimized visual acuity for virtually any prescription, in any shape frame. The company’s ultimate goal is to resolve vision and related human challenges by producing breakthrough technologies that radically improve lens capabilities, namely the Eye-point Technology AI™, Eye-point Technology III™, the Continuous Design Technology™, Visual AI Engine™, Natural Posture™, Intellicorridor™, As-worn Quadro™, and Close-up™. These innovative technologies allow the Shamir engineers to precisely predict and accommodate the way wearers of different ages gaze through their lenses in order to optimally assist them in the diverse tasks they need to perform under different circumstances.

Progressive Lenses

Shamir Progressive Lenses are the next generation of custom-designed optical lenses. Based on the cutting-edge innovations and backed up by the highest quality assurance standards, these lenses offer greater wearer tolerance, faster adaptation, and optimum visual support for the near and far zones. The Shamir progressive lenses range has the perfect offering for every lens and customer:

Single Vision Shamir Lenses

Optimally customized to varied visual and lifestyle needs, the Shamir Single Vision lenses provide wearers a stable, clear, and comfortable visual experience exactly where they require it. The selection of Shamir play lenses covers the broadest possible fields of clear vision, from sports to fashion:

Occupational Lenses

Designed for busy people who value their time and comfort, the Shamir Occupational Lenses provide the optimal visual experience. Specialized for any profession, these work lenses significantly enhance visual clarity and comfort in the near and intermediate viewing zones. So, if you’re the one who spends your workdays at the desk and in front of the computer, choose from the list below to get a sharp and precise vision: