Stylish and comfortable children's glasses in Manhattan, New York

When it comes to children's eyewear, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, their vision should be the top priority. Glasses should fit properly to minimize discomfort or slipping. In addition, vision correction lenses should be durable enough to withstand a child's active lifestyle. Comfort is also an important consideration when choosing children's eyewear. Adjustable nose pads and lightweight frames can help keep glasses in place and comfortable throughout the day. Finally, self-esteem is a very important factor for children, and finding the right eyewear can help boost their confidence. With so many options available at EuroOptica, finding the perfect pair of glasses for your child can be fun and exciting. Remember, eyewear is an investment in your child's future, so it's important to take the time to choose the right pair.

Important Things to Consider when Shopping for Children's Eyewear:

When looking for children's eyewear, there are several important things to consider:

1. Size and fit: It's important to find eyewear that fits your child's face properly. Look for frames that are not too big or too small, with temples that are long enough to provide a secure fit without causing discomfort.

2. Durability: Kids can be rough on their eyewear, so look for frames made of durable materials like acetate or titanium. Reinforced hinges can also increase the longevity of the glasses.

3. Comfort: Kids' eyewear should be lightweight so it feels comfortable on their face all day long. Adjustable nose pads and flexible temples can provide a personalized and comfortable fit.

4. Safety: Look for frames that meet safety standards to ensure maximum protection for your child's eyes. Consider options with impact-resistant lenses and frames without sharp edges.

5. Style and design: Let your child express their personality by choosing frames with colors, patterns, or fun designs they love. This can help them feel confident and excited about wearing their glasses.

6. Prescription Lens Needs: If your child requires prescription lenses, make sure the frames can accommodate the prescription and lens type recommended by a qualified optician.

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Best Designer Eyewear Brands for Kids and Teens

When it comes to children's eyewear, Lindberg is a brand that stands out from the rest. Not only do they offer a wide range of stylish frames for kids, but they also prioritize function and durability. With adjustable temples and nose pads, Lindberg frames offer a comfortable fit that can adapt to a child's growing face. And with lightweight materials like titanium, acetate and platinum, these frames can withstand the wear and tear of active play. The Lindberg Kid|Teen™ Eyewear Collection offers a variety of fun and playful colors and patterns that kids will love. And with their commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly production methods, parents can feel good about choosing Lindberg for their child's eyewear needs. Overall, Lindberg is a top priority for children's glasses that offer both practicality and style for kids.

Bold Eyewear for Little Fashionistas

Sabine Be is a French eyewear brand that offers a bold and vibrant collection for little fashionistas. The brand's philosophy revolves around the idea that eyewear should be fun, fashionable and an expression of the wearer's personality. Sabine Be frames are crafted with a keen eye for detail, vibrant color combinations and unique designs that kids will love. More than just good looks, Sabine Be is committed to quality. The frames are made in France, ensuring a high standard of craftsmanship. Durability is also a priority for Sabine Be Kids Eyewear. The glasses are designed to withstand children's active lifestyles, with sturdy construction and reinforced hinges to prevent breakage. Plus, they're made from lightweight materials so they're comfortable enough to wear all day. So if you're looking for eyewear that's both fashionable and functional for your little fashionista, Sabine Be Eyewear is a brand worth considering.

At EuroOptica, we carry a wide range of frames in a variety of shapes, colors and styles to meet the different tastes and needs of children. Whether your child prefers fun, colorful frames or more classic styles, you're likely to find something that fits. 

Götti Switzerland is a brand known for its timeless and minimalist design ethos. They offer a range of classic eyewear designs for kids that combine functionality, comfort and style. The Götti Kids collection features frames made from high quality materials such as titanium and acetate to ensure durability and comfort. They have also taken special care to ensure that the glasses are lightweight and flexible, making them perfect for kids.

Another popular brand that offers a wide selection of children's eyewear is Lafont Paris. It is known for its ultra-bright and high-quality frames that are designed specifically for youngsters. One of the notable features of Lafont Paris is their attention to detail and craftsmanship. The frames are made from quality materials that ensure longevity and can withstand the active lifestyles of kids. The brand offers a wide variety of frame styles, stunning colors and patterns to accommodate different personal preferences. This allows children to find a frame that fits their individual style and expresses their personality.

Navigating the world of children's eyewear can be daunting, but the friendly and professional staff at EuroOptica is always on hand to guide parents through the process. Whether your child needs prescription glasses or just wants a cool new accessory, EuroOptica has you covered. Visit our exclusive eyewear boutique at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St) New York to discover our wide selection of children's eyewear.


The need for glasses varies from child to child. If your kid has vision problems or has been prescribed corrective lenses by an eye care professional, they may need to start wearing glasses. It's best to consult with an optometrist to determine the appropriate time to introduce eyewear.

A good fit is important for comfort and effectiveness. Look for frames that are neither too large nor too small for your child's face. They should sit comfortably on their nose and have temples that extend past their ears without causing discomfort. Avoid frames that slide down or pinch their nose.

Yes, materials like acetate or titanium are known for their durability, which makes them suitable for children's eyewear. These materials are lightweight, flexible, and resistant to breakage. They are also hypoallergenic, minimizing the risk of irritation for those with sensitive skin.

Yes, many children's frames are designed with adjustable features. These include adjustable nose pads and temple arms that allow the frames to be customized for a better fit as your child grows. Consult an optician to ensure proper adjustment of the eyewear.

Children's eyewear may need to be replaced more often than adults because of their active lifestyles. Regular eye exams will help determine if the prescription has changed and new glasses are needed. Also, replace damaged or worn frames to maintain optimal eye health and visual clarity.

Yes, there are sport-specific eyewear options designed to protect your child's eyes during physical activity. Look for frames with sport-specific features such as impact-resistant lenses and secure temple arms. However, it's important to consult with your child's optician to ensure the right eyewear for their specific sport. Remember, it's always a good idea to consult an optician or eye care professional for personalized advice about your child's eyewear needs.