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    Andy Wolf

    Andy Wolf is a celebrated Austrian brand that was founded in 2006 by three friends with a single aim: to create luxury glasses that would be unbeatable in quality and design. The relatively young brand has quickly grown into an international company, whose eyewear is sold around the world, featured in iconic fashion magazines and worn by top celebrities, including Eric Clapton, Hugh Grant and Lady Gaga. The frames are appreciated not only for their outstanding design and modern look but also for sustainable, handmade production, since all glasses are made in Austria by the most skillful craftsmen with precise attention to every detail. We’re proud to be a licensed supplier of standout sunglasses and optical frames by Andy Wolf in Manhattan, NY. Visit our optical store at 280 Columbus Ave to try on the hottest frames from the brand.

    Andy Wolf eyewear appeals to those who consider their glasses not just a fashion accessory, but a real treasure. The frames are all handmade in the Austrian city of Hartberg from the highest quality acetate and metal, with meticulous quality control of each stage of the manufacturing process. After the glasses are finally assembled, they are getting checked again for all irregularities, and every part of a frame is subject to scrutiny. That is what makes this brand so special! To create a single pair of glasses, more than 50 people and over 90 working steps are involved in the process. As a result, you get unique frames that are guaranteed both to meet the aesthetic criteria and to be extremely reliable.

    Innovative yet contemporary, expressive yet worldly, and finally a little bit different from the norm – all Andy Wolf frames fit this description to a tee. This unique brand is all about dedication that comes from the people who put their heart and soul into their work, those who are fully committed to what started with the vision of combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. This is evident in every piece of eyewear that makes a big statement and leaves a lasting impression. Try on any pair of glasses from Andy Wolf and you’ll agree that they’re too nice to be left behind.

    Worn and loved all over the world, Andy Wolf sunglasses and optical frames are the new definition of expressive design. Every new collection by Andy Wolf unites the best of both worlds, with more and more unique frames that are at par with the most prominent international eyewear brands. In addition to their superior quality, Wolf shades and optical frames are lightweight and comfortable, which makes them even more attractive to customers. So, if you’re looking for unique, completely handmade eyewear that will kick your style up a notch, Andy Wolf is the brand to consider.


    This way Andy Wolf creates glasses that stand out from the crowd of flimsy, one-season frames. The manufacturer is extremely proud to “own” the entire process from the initial design to transforming acetate blocks into frames. In addition to the handcrafted history behind each individual pair of specs, the designer glasses can boast of innovative and unique style, appreciated by thousands of fashion-forward men and women around the globe. Incorporating the latest and cutting-edge technology as well as striving to perfection in every detail, AW frames are the perfect “tool” for accentuating/complementing the best features of a wearer and making them the center of attention.


    Ten years later, the second factory was opened in the French Jura, the place where knowledge about the production of metal glasses has been captured for centuries. The company has expanded its product line to include metal frames in addition to the good old acetates. The brand quickly won its first loyal fans when Hugh Grant, Lady Gaga, Eric Clapton, and Rihanna were photographed wearing their glasses. Today, Andy Wolf eyewear is sold in nearly 70 countries around the world – from Alaska to South Korea. Although the success of the company is great, superior quality and exquisite craftsmanship continue to be key priorities at Andy Wolf.