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      Balenciaga® BB0216S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0216S - Havana / Brown Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0216S
      Balenciaga® BB0218O - Black Eyeglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0218O - Havana Eyeglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0218O
      Balenciaga® BB0217S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0217S - Havana / Brown Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0217S
      Balenciaga® BB0219O - Black Eyeglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0219O - Havana Eyeglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0219O
      Balenciaga® BB0099S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0099S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0099S
      Balenciaga® BB0185O - Black Eyeglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0185O - Havana Eyeglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0185O
      Balenciaga® BB0212S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0212S - Havana / Green Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0212S
      Balenciaga® BB0211S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0211S - Havana / Green Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0211S
      Balenciaga® BB0209SA - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0209SA - Havana / Green Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0209SA
      Balenciaga® BB0196SA - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0196SA - Gold / Brown Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0196SA
      Balenciaga® BB0195S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0195S - White / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0195S
      Balenciaga® BB0194S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0194S - Gold / Yellow Mirrored Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0194S
      Balenciaga® BB0192S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0192S - Ruthenium / Green Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0192S
      Balenciaga® BB0191S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0191S - Gold / Brown Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0191S
      Balenciaga® BB0182S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0182S - Fuchsia / Brown Sunglasses
      Balenciaga® BB0182S

      Famous for its uncompromising creativity and a deep desire for experimentation, Balenciaga is recognized as one of the leading and most popular fashion houses in the industry. Founded more than a century ago by the Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga in San Sebastian, Spain, the brand has quickly gained a reputation for its premium quality, revolutionary designs. His bubble skirts and seductive, feminine, yet modern silhouettes became the trademarks of the brand and were highly sought-after by the Spanish royal family and the aristocracy. Today, Balenciaga is youthful, bold and wearable yet still eminently impressive and stylish. It is rather about setting trends than following them.

      Innovation and experimentation have always played a crucial role in Balenciaga's creative process. The fashion house enjoys discovering new unforeseen obstacles that challenge their methods and drive continual evolution. The brand’s main goal is to experiment without harming humans or the environment while respecting the welfare of animals. It is through the deep research and development of materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes that Balenciaga offers a renewed and responsible fashion system. Nowadays, the renowned fashion house produces ready-to-wear, footwear, handbags, and accessories, including outstanding sunglasses and optical frames.


      Since 2019, Balenciaga collaborates with Kering Eyewear, a global Luxury group, which manages the development, production, and worldwide distribution of Balenciaga sunglasses and prescription frames. The first eyewear collection was presented in 2019 and met with praise for its boldness and creativity. Being one of the most authentic and innovative brands in the fashion industry, Balenciaga creates glasses that feature unique shapes, eye-catching contours, exaggerated volumes and unpredictable color combinations. Every pair of glasses is a perfect combination of exquisite techniques, premium-grade materials and the radical style of the House. From Lycra leggings to bikinis and gowns, the Balenciaga glasses work for every occasion.

      The silhouettes take center stage in a display of Balenciaga’s approach to eyewear design as distinctive contours and often odd volumes combine in sophisticated and seductive styles. Embellished with a “BB” BALENCIAGA logo, each pair within the collection captures the mesmerizing, all-embracing spirit of Hollywood. The brand is popular among celebrities all around the world. Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Kanye West, Hailey Bieber, Julia Fox, Alexa Demie, Nicola Peltz to Irina Shayk are just a few celebs to join the Balenciaga fan club. This year, celebrity endorsements for Balenciaga are coming thick and fast – from dressing the most influential names at the 2021 Met Gala to a special screening of The Simpsons with Marge’s transformation into the belle of the Balenciaga.


      Cristóbal Balenciaga, the founder of the namesake brand, opened his first boutique in Spain, in 1919, and expanded to include branches in Barcelona and Madrid. The Spanish Civil War started in 1936 forced him to move to Paris. From the very beginning, the designer wanted women of a strong character to wear his designs. In a few decades, his desires had come true: from the Spanish royal family members to Queen Fabiola of Belgium, Jackie Kennedy and Madonna, Balenciaga was frequently worn by the Fashion Icons from around the world. The fluidity of his silhouettes enabled the designer to manipulate the relationship between women's bodies and his clothing. Cristóbal Balenciaga was the first to create the tunic dress, spherical balloon jacket, high-waist baby doll dress, cocoon coat, balloon skirt and sack dress.

      Balenciaga has always defiantly resisted any rules and guidelines, creating the revolutionary, drastic designs that were highly sought-after. The designer’s impeccable craftsmanship set him apart at the time from the likes of Dior and Chanel. In the early 50s, the Fashion House was the leader of Paris couture. In 2001, Balenciaga was acquired by Kering, who currently owns Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent, and Bottega Veneta. In 2015, Demna Gvasalia was appointed as the new Creative Director of Balenciaga, and ever since has become a designer everyone is talking about. The fashion house was even named Kering’s fastest-growing brand in 2018 thanks to Demna. For his SS 23 runway, Demna Gvasalia shocked the world with his latest collaboration with Adidas, bringing sports to the runway.


      Balenciaga is committed to the sustainable and ethical management of all their operations. At all levels and in all locales—whether at stores and offices or along the supply chain—the brand respects high standards for ecological and social responsibility. The goal of minimizing the environmental impact influences every Balenciaga decision. For several years, the fashion house has committed to reducing its footprint within the design and production processes of its collections, for example by utilizing more responsible and recycled materials in lieu of others. By implementing innovative techniques and textiles without compromising creativity, Balenciaga also educates its audience on the possibilities of sustainable practices in luxury.

      The remaining carbon emissions associated with all activities in this product’s life cycle are carefully calculated by the House. Balenciaga is committed to investing funds into carbon removal projects that protect and restore natural ecosystems to tackle climate change. It is with the same high standards that the brand consistently reinvents itself in order to answer the environmental and societal challenges with which it is constantly presented. We, at EuroOptica, are very pleased and proud to be an authorized distributor for authentic Balenciaga sunglasses and optical frames. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave), to show you all the beautiful eyewear pieces we got in.