Dior™ Eyewear

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      Dior® 30Montaigne M1U 30MTM1UXR B0B0 - Blue Sunglasses
      Dior® 30Montaigne M1U
      Dior® 30Montaigne M1U
      Dior® Diorxtrem MU  XTRMMUAT_10B8 - Black
      Dior® Diorxtrem MU  - Black
      Dior® Diorxtrem MU
      Dior® CD Diamond S3F  CDDMS3FXR_10A0 - Black and crystal-tone
      Dior® CD Diamond S3F  - Black and crystal-tone
      Dior® CD Diamond S3F
      Dior® Ddoll R1U
      Dior® Ddoll R1U
      Dior® DiorSignature S1U  DSGTS1UXR_10A0 - Black
      Dior® DiorSignature S1U  - Black
      Dior® DiorSignature S1U
      Dior® 30Montaigne SU
      Dior® 30Montaigne SU 30MTSUR_95B2 - Ivory
      Dior® 30 Montaigne SU
      Dior® 30 Montaignemini S3F
      Dior® 30 Montaignemini S3F
      Dior® Diorsignature S10F D SGTS10FXR_10A1 55 - Black Sunglasses
      Dior® Diorsignature S10F
      Dior® Diorsignature S10F
      Dior® Diorsignature B7I D DSGTB7IXR_10A1 52 - Black Sunglasses
      Dior® Diorsignature B7I
      Dior® DiorSignature B2U  DSGTB2UZR_F0A4 - Silver chrome-effect
      Dior® DiorSignature B2U  DSGTB2UXR_10B0 - Black
      Dior® DiorSignature B2U
      Dior® Lady 95.22  LADYR1IXR_10A0 - Black
      Dior® Lady 95.22
      Dior® Lady 95.22
      Dior® DiorBlackSuit AU SUITAUR_F4A0 - Silver
      Dior® DiorBlackSuit AU - Silver
      Dior® DiorBlackSuit AU
      Dior® DiorMotion M1I MOTNM1IAT_F0B8 - Silver
      Dior® DiorMotion M1I - Silver
      Dior® DiorMotion M1I
      Dior® CD Diamond S2F CDDMS3FXR 64C0 - Transparent Nude Sunglasses
      Dior® CD Diamond S2F D CDDMS3FXR 30A0 - Transparent Blue Sunglasses
      Dior® CD Diamond S2F
      Dior® DiorEssential A2U  ESTLA2UH_F0I8 - Silver and gold
      Dior® DiorEssential A2U  ESTLA2UR_F0A4 - Silver
      Dior® DiorEssential A2U

      Dior is a legendary French Haute Couture House established in Paris in 1946 by Christian Dior. Today, more than 75 years later, it is one of the fastest growing brands in the luxury segment that offers everything from pret-a-porter and leather goods to fragrances and fashion accessories, including eyewear. Each Dior collection is built on the House's rich couture heritage and unique know-how. In an ideal match between past inspirations and cutting-edge solutions, the renowned brand expresses innovative style and confident attitude. Though the iconic brand was founded on ideals of elegance and feminine beauty, over decades, it has evolved into a mecca for feminist, bold, and powerful designs and diversified into products for men under the brand of Dior Homme, and for kids under the brand of Baby Dior with the same level of perfectionism.

      The hallmark of a seductive and confident gaze, Dior glasses are bold yet sophisticated pieces distinguished by refined lines with exquisite details and breathtaking embellishments. Today, the Dior eyewear collections are masterfully made by Thélios, a part of the LVMH family, which designs and creates sunglasses and optical frames for some of its most famous Fashion Houses, including Givenchy, Fendi, Stella McCartney, Celine, Kenzo, etc. With its Manifattura, located in Longarone, Italy, Thélios produces unique frames, drawing on Italian design and craftsmanship to reflect the quintessential spirit of each brand. The manufacturer perfectly expresses the Dior’s universe in the most genuine and powerful manner, presenting fascinating eyewear collections with unique frames that feature sophisticated architectural lines and glamorous flair.


      Dior perfectly blends its distinct identity with the finest craftsmanship to create exceptional luxury eyewear. The brand aims to elevate the eyewear category by bringing luxury expertise to the sector. Respecting the high standards of manufacturing, Dior stands for “Proudly Made by Hand” at every stage of production. Its sunglasses and optical frames are constructed from the premium-quality acetate and metal to provide durability, lightness and flexibility. Dior spectacles exude modern boldness with a touch of vintage style. The collection includes various silhouettes from classic rounded, panto, oval, square, and cat-eye to futuristic geometric and irregular frames. Each model features the exquisite branding, such as the 'CHRISTIAN DIOR' signature or CD logo on the temples, a gold star or a metal 'CD Diamond' signature on the frame's interior. Bring a touch of contemporary flair and sophisticated elegance to your look by choosing Dior sunglasses or optical frames.

      Dior eyewear designs are recognizable at first glance: fashion-forward silhouettes with an innovative construction, ultra-modern and graphic shapes that scream sophisticated allure. Every Dior frame is a perfect mix of design and functionality: the light construction is particularly comfortable for daily wear. The eyewear range is almost unlimited, from transparent acetate frames with crystal temples enhanced by diamond-shaped details to dazzling silver-finish metal frames to sporty glacier shapes embellished with removable Dior Oblique technical jacquard spoilers. Visit EuroOptica, an official retailer of fashionable Dior Glasses in Manhattan, New York, to pick up a frame that best suits your character and style of living. Also, we offer a comprehensive range of expert optical services, including extensive eye exams, contact lens fitting consultations, quick and convenient repairs and adjustments to your favorite frames. See you there!


      The history of the Dior brand is the story of a quip, which thanks to a magical moment, forged a legend. On 12 February 1947, a genius designer Christian Dior, aged 42, launched his first collection at 30 Avenue Montaigne. Just two years after the war, Dior, with this graceful and ultra-feminine collection, definitively turned the page of gloom, restriction, and uniforms. With his elegant and beautiful garments, he wanted to give women back their taste for light-heartedness, the art of seduction. Dior's designs were revolutionary for the time period and quickly put the brand on the map as one of the most adored and sought after. The world-famous stars admired Christian Dior; everyone from Margot Fonteyn to Rita Hayworth wanted to outfit themselves in Dior. With such high-profile women donning his clothes, the brand grew quickly and became celebrated throughout the world. 

      Being one of the most iconic Fashion Houses in sartorial history, Dior has stood the test of time, evolving with each creative designer that has walked through its doors. The fashion house has hosted some of the most talented couturiers, namely Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre, Hedi Slimane, John Galliano, Raf Simons, and Maria Grazia Chiuri. Being the first woman at the helm of the luxury brand, Chiuri added a woman's touch to the style at Christian Dior, famously creating her feminist-centric line. In doing so, she seized a central place for the House in fashion that is modern, relevant, and classic, all at the same time. Today, Dior is known for its bold, eccentric and powerful designs that turn traditional patterns into unique and artistic interpretations! Each collection from the renowned brand is a celebration of sophistication and taste for connoisseurs of beauty.

      Latest Eyewear Collections

      Every season, Dior presents a few eyewear lines that are different in style and spirit. This year, the celebrated Fashion House decided to continue its exploration of the sportswear universe and launched the unique DiorAlps capsule designed by an English fashion designer Kim Jones. Distinguished by their sporty shapes, the sunglasses within the collection feature the removable Dior Oblique technical jacquard spoilers and/or leather insert on the bridge. For an optimal fit, each pair is equipped with interchangeable temples adorned with a contrasting Christian Dior signature. Also, the range includes bold ski goggles that combine the Swedish technical expertise with Dior couture spirit. Featuring an extra-large frame, they provide an optimal field of vision while seamlessly adapting to the wearer’s face with its triple-layer, ultra-light foam construction.

      Another opulent eyewear collection by Dior called CD Diamond is the reflection of exceptional savoir-faire. Combining cutting-edge technology and highly refined craftsmanship, the CD Diamond frames are the result of ultimate expertise, requiring several stages of production. Each and every detail, thought out with maximum precision and care, shapes the uniqueness of these seductive accessories. The glasses feature premium-quality lenses laser engraved with the Christian Dior signature, or the diamond motif and iconic CD Diamond logo applied with the most meticulous attention. Assembled by hand, these pieces of art exalt the House’s fundamentals. Whatever is your choice, bold sporty sunglasses or sophisticated virtuoso creations, you get nothing but a perfect balance of technology and refined craftsmanship. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave), to discover our incredible selection of Dior sunglasses and optical frames.