Repairs And Adjustments

Professional Eyeglass Repair and Adjust Service in Manhattan, NY

It can be really painful and upsetting when your best-loved glasses are broken. Fortunately, EuroOptica can solve this problem quickly! Of course, quality spectacles are sturdy enough, but sometimes they are not able to withstand some daily accidents, and it leads to missing screws, broken temples, or cracked frames. Whether you stepped accidentally on the glasses or your dog snacked on them, we can fix your spectacles on the same day, in some cases, just in a few hours. A poor fit can also be an awful experience. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing your eyewear, our specialists are ready to make necessary adjustments.

If your eyeglasses are broken, do not panic! Just bring us your eyewear and leave our store with a repaired pair. We, at EuroOptica, work patiently and carefully to preserve the handwork of your glasses and provide you with renewed eyewear of excellent quality. Whether you need to repair nose pads, frames, screws, temples, or adjust your spectacles to fit right, Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave). We will do our best to satisfy your needs and breathe life into your favorite accessories so they could be your perfect companion again.

Quality Repairs

If for any reason your sunglasses or eyeglasses are damaged, our skilled experts can repair them without wasting your time. Here are the most common problems with glasses our repair service can fix fast:

  • Old or lost nose pad replacements
  • Broken or lost screw replacements
  • Old spectacles cleaning and polishing 
  • Broken or misaligned temples and frames repairs

Of course, accidents happen, so when your spectacles need to be fixed, our professional opticians can help. No matter what the reason caused the damage, with our fast and high-quality eyewear repairs, you will get your renewed glasses as soon as possible. And, if replacing your old spectacles seems wiser than repairing them, our store offers a great choice of premium eyewear collections from world-famous brands. Our experts are always ready to help you in selecting the new pair of fashionable eyewear to suit your needs, style, and taste.

Precise Adjustments

If you feel uncomfortable in a new pair of glasses because they are too tight, or your old but favorite pair started sliding down because it is too loose, our skilled specialists are ready to adjust your eyewear to provide the perfect fit. Here are the main signs your eyeglasses or sunglasses need precise adjustments:

  • Your spectacles leave dark marks on your nose or anywhere else on your face
  • The glasses are too loose and they slide down constantly
  • Your new pair is too tight, and it even causes headaches
  • The eyewear sits crooked because one of your ears is a bit higher than the other one

Whether your new frame doesn’t fit right or it needs some adjustments to be recovered from everyday tear and wear, our experts are ready to help! We offer professional and precise adjustments for metal, plastic, titanium and horn spectacles. Our experienced opticians know how to adjust tight, loose, or crooked glasses for a comfortable fit to solve problems and make every customer happy.

When to Repair or Replace Eyeglasses

Daily glasses are prone to getting scratched and damaged. It's normal to have light scratches on your spectacle lenses, regarding that you put them on and off many times a day. But, as soon as the scratches begin to interfere with your vision, the lenses should be replaced or repaired immediately. The same goes for damaged frames. Once the frame no longer sits properly on the nose or ears, it should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Our ABO-Certified opticians are always ready to repair cracked lenses, bent frames or make necessary adjustments.

One important thing to keep in mind is that your prescription may need to be updated even if your daily glasses are not damaged. So, once you notice that your vision is becoming blurry and it's been more than a year since you had your last eye exam, it may be time to get a new prescription and a new pair of lenses. Our Dr. Sarah Phen is a superstar optometrist who provides comprehensive eye exams to adults and children here in EuroOptica. In addition to perfecting eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions, she co-manages pre/post refractive and LASIK surgeries. Welcome to EuroOptica, your one-stop shop for all your optical needs!