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      Wissing® 3208 HA WIS 3208HA 1691 3459/3447 52 - 1691 3459/3447 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3208 HA WIS 3208HA 1694 2596/3443 52 - 1694 2596/3443 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3208 HA
      Wissing® POUPY HA WIS POUPYHA 8054 1700/35 46 - 8054 1700/35 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® POUPY HA WIS POUPYHA 8049 1675/8049 46 - 8049 1675/8049 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® POUPY HA
      Wissing® 3023 HA WIS 3023HA 1720 3459V/2596 53 - 1720 3459V/2596 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3023 HA WIS 3023HA 1691 3459/3267 53 - 1691 3459/3267 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3023 HA
      Wissing® 3230 HA WIS 3230HA 1693 3191/3191/3446 50 - 1693 3191/3191/3446 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3230 HA WIS 3230HA 1694 2596/3443 50 - 1694 2596/3443 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3230 HA
      Wissing® 2709 HA WIS 2709HA 1644V 3451/3451 47 - 1644V 3451/3451 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 2709 HA WIS 2709HA 1724V 2685/2685 47 - 1724V 2685/2685 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 2709 HA
      from $570.00
      Wissing® 3046 H WIS 3046H 3451 2685/3451 54 - 3451 2685/3451 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3046 H WIS 3046H 3447 35/3447 54 - 3447 35/3447 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3046 H
      Wissing® 2653V HA WIS 2653VHA 1691 3019/3019/3267 38 - 1691 3019/3019/3267 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 2653V HA WIS 2653VHA 1724 3451/3451/3020 38 - 1724 3451/3451/3020 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 2653V HA
      Wissing® Realcycle 2709 WIS 2709 00627 48 - 00627 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® Realcycle 2709 WIS R  2709 0020502 48 20 - 0020502 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® Realcycle 2709
      Wissing® Realcycle 3274 WIS R 3274 0020957 52 - 0020957 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® Realcycle 3274 WIS R  3274 0020961 52 16 - 0020961 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® Realcycle 3274
      Wissing® POUPY WIS POUPY 1770/35 48 - 1770/35 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® POUPY WIS POUPY 1754RE70/35RE70 48 - 1754RE70/35RE70 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® POUPY
      from $315.00
      Wissing® 3185 WIS 3185 1733/35 45 - 1733/35 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3185 WIS 3185 1711S/126S 45 - 1711S/126S Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3185
      from $360.00
      Wissing® 3261 WIS 3261 1735/3500 54 - 1735/3500 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3261 1735-3500 - Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3261
      Wissing® 3252 WIS 3252 Green/Blue  - Green/Blue Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3252 WIS 3252 Green/Red  - Green/Red Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3252
      from $360.00
      Wissing® 3156 L WIS 3156 L 3394RE24 56 - 3394RE24 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3156 L WIS 3156 L 3392RE30 56 - 3392RE30 Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3156 L
      Wissing® 3130 WIS 3130 Yellow/Blue 38 - Yellow/Blue Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3130 WIS 3130 01 38 - Blue,Red Eyeglasses
      Wissing® 3130

      Boldness and uniqueness are the distinguishing features that characterize Wissing. The German company was established in 1953, specializing in manufacturing of original acetate frames. Committed to exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering attention to every detail, Wissing is a recognized and trusted name in the global eyewear industry. Handmade from top-grade cellulose acetate, each and every Wissing frame is styled to perfection, providing you with a one-of-a-kind look and ensuring reliable performance year after year. Bring out your most colorful sides with an impressive collection of Wissing frames that come in a variety of shapes, styles, and color combos unique to the brand. To try on the latest frames by Wissing, visit our optical store EuroOptica at 280 Columbus Ave, Manhattan, NYC.

      Walter Wissing & Co. is located in a small town Bensheim, Germany, where highly professional designers and engineers create something really special. Each frame is a one-of-a-kind, unmistakable piece of art crafted from multi-layer acetate, which means endless possibilities for eyewear design. Whichever shape or color combination is preferred, the manufacturer boasts an array of comfortable, innovative, and, mostly important, exclusive frames that serve as a great tool to express your individuality through colors and patterns and will surely leave a lasting impression. All Wissing products are expertly handcrafted in Germany, whether it’s a ‘ready to wear’ model or a unique custom piece.

      Unlike any other eyewear line, the exclusive multi-layered acetate of Wissing frames and their hand-crafted nature allows you to feel the difference and experience truly unique eyewear. Create your own style with a multitude of options like square, round, rectangle, and cat-eye frames; go with thick and chunky or thin acetate. Decide on one color or opt for a rainbow of colors, all in one frame. Finally, choose from symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes to represent your personality and make a bold statement. Unique. Distinctive. Individual. Wissing frames are in a class by themselves, no matter how you slice it.

      Wissing – one of the most interesting eyewear designers in the modern eyewear world – creates some of the best frames for men and women that spell sophistication and style in every detail. Each pair is completely unique and extraordinary, and they’ll surely become a nice addition to your eyewear wardrobe. Thanks to the intricate handmade process, the uniqueness of Wissing eyewear changes from frame to frame, so there’s no chance you’ll ever find two identical pieces. When it comes to choosing the best Wissing frame for you, the sky is the limit. So, dive in and choose your perfect pair.


      Wissing - a reputable German frame manufacturer – creates one-of-a-kind styles appreciated for their bright, bold colors and unique structure. The brand’s first collection included 15 unique frames that featured distinctive shapes and eye-catching hue combinations (with up to 12 different colors in a single design). Made from premium quality cellulose acetate, the frames are guaranteed to stay bright even after years of regular use. Vivid design is just one of the many reasons why the manufacturer has chosen acetate as the base material to create its frames. By the way, acetate is also extremely durable and highly resistant to temperature changes, which prevents the frames from breaking or becoming brittle.

      Wissing is a sustainable company that is focused on serving the needs of the present time, without compromising on the future. With this vision in mind, the manufacturer strives to create products that both meet their customers’ requirements and do not harm the environment. Acetate is an allergy-free plastic made from natural renewable materials, which makes it Earth-friendly and safe for the skin. Moreover, Wissing frames are extremely lightweight and flexible to ensure superior comfort to the wearer. Easily molded into any extraordinary geometric shape, the frames boast unrivaled design that catches the eye.


      Established in 1953, Walter Wissing & Co. specializes in creating unique eyewear frames crafted from premium quality cellulose acetate in any size, shape, and color. Located in Bensheim, Hessen, Germany, the company distributes its one-of-a-kind products around the world, from Paris and Milan to Las Vegas and New York. The brand is known for its extraordinary acetate glasses that feature a multi-layer construction and bright color combinations that catch the eye. The manufacturer doesn’t provide specific collection quantities with prescribed sizes; it creates frames according to customers’ exact specifications.

      From its early inception, the company was headed by Walter Wissing who had three daughters and no desire to take over the father’s business. The moment when Olaf Lauer, an optician who simply wanted to buy some material, crossed the threshold of the company, was the beginning of everything. Once Mr. Lauer headed the corporation in 1991, things changed a lot. He built a new plant and inspired the staff with a single aim – to create exclusive frames that would go beyond the known standards. Nowadays, the company is a globally trusted and highly popular manufacturer of top-notch frames boasting exquisite quality and catchy designs appreciated by thousands of celebrities and trendsetters all over the globe.