Lindberg Horn – Buffalo Titanium Collection

Authorized Retailer of Buffalo Horn Titanium Eyeglasses in NYC

Considered to be high fashion from the 1920s to the 1960s, horn-rimmed glasses are a rarity today. Genuine horn is a proven material for eyewear and is one of the oldest frame materials in the world. The buffalo horn frames have many advantages over acetate spectacles: they provide a pleasant feeling and a perfect fit when wearing them; they are considerably lighter and stronger; every frame boasts its own exclusive design. If you’re looking for a pair of exclusive horn-rimmed glasses, the LINDBERG Buffalo Collection will have you covered.

Handcrafted from a unique combination of signature titanium and buffalo horn, the collection offers a range of beautiful and stylish spectacles in classic silhouettes. Every pair from the LINDBERG buffalo titanium collection is a unique masterpiece of Danish eyewear design. The most talented engineers and designers from the famous brand develop eye-catching glasses that combine the best properties of two materials. No less than 152 in-house processes are used to create each pair of buffalo titanium making them truly outstanding pieces of minimalist design. Exclusive Danish craftsmanship at its best.

Special Features

Eyeglasses from LINDBERG made from buffalo horn are extraordinary and lightweight accessories to express your individuality. The natural material is skin-friendly and matches all skin tones perfectly to be an ideal addition to your outfit for any occasion. Each front of a pair of glasses from the buffalo titanium collection includes many layers of laminated buffalo horn to create the lightest, slimmest, and best horn-rimmed glasses the world has ever seen. Only the best parts of the horn are selected for this distinctive and unique collection.

The LINDBERG Buffalo Horn glasses feature a titanium nose-bridge that serves multiple purposes. It gives the bridge a new level of stability, which allows for refined designs. The titanium arms of the bridge also give the spectacles a high level of adjustability along with your own choice of nose pads and temple length, for a level of comfort never felt before. Another unique feature that makes all LINDBERG glasses stand out from the crowd is the award-winning mounting technique. The titanium temples are crafted without the use of screws and glues; the interlocking parts of the hinge work smoothly by using friction.

Horn – a Captivating Natural Material

To create a timeless and beautiful pair of horn-rimmed glasses, LINDBERG uses horn made from the horns of special buffalo breeds from regions such as Africa and Asia as well as Central and South America. As each breed has its own unique characteristics, the manufacturer has the opportunity to offer dramatic color combinations in a variety of designs. The spectrum ranges from anthracite and gray tones to shades of brown to perfectly complement all skin tones. The special way that light is reflected and the warm enticing appearance of the horn frames are unparalleled.

The horn utilized for the LINDBERG Buffalo Titanium collection is responsibly sourced from domesticated animals whose meat has been used as food and hides in the production of leather goods. Buffalo horn features extraordinary inherent properties – it’s an exclusive visual statement while retaining the signature lightweight of LINDBERG designs. The front of a pair of buffalo titanium consists of several layers of laminated horn, which provides greater strength and stability, while eliminating inherent stress. The LINDBERG craftsmen have used all their expertise to create a timeless and beautiful pair of horn-rimmed glasses. We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be a certified retailer of unique LINDBERG glasses in Manhattan, New York.