Lindberg Precious Collection

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    Lindberg Precious


      A precious accessory can give any outfit an extra touch of luxury and elegance. Jewel pieces can be defined as a status symbol: they highlight the style and personality of the wearer. Handcrafted by appointment to The Royal Danish Court, the LINDBERG Precious is one of the most exclusive eyewear collections the world has ever seen. The intricately designed frames are made from 18 ct solid gold, platinum, diamonds and buffalo horn to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Every pair of glasses within the collection is a true piece of art created with the highest degree of care to detail, giving every frame the attention such luxury demands.

      Special Features

      Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, LINDBERG creates precious frames that are much lighter compared to similar products on the market, giving them a sophisticated look and comfortable feel. This level of craftsmanship takes a high amount of skill and know-how, which is why only in-house LINDBERG goldsmiths work on creating these beautiful pieces. If you belong to those people who appreciate opulent accessories with incredible details and look for something special and outstanding, the Precious Collection has you covered.


      The unique glasses are masterfully crafted from solid gold; white, yellow, rose and black gold as well as from platinum and buffalo horn. For true opulence, these refined frames can be set with top-rated sparkling diamonds in various sizes and colors to satisfy the most luxury demands and provide a feeling of refinement. LINDBERG uses high-quality Top Wesselton VVS diamonds up to 0.55 ct in wonderful clarity and beautiful colors, including black, pink, and rough uncut unique diamonds. The stones are carefully handpicked for each and every LINDBERG Precious design.

      Buffalo Horn

      To create the most exclusive designs within the precious collection, LINDBERG uses the combination of natural buffalo horn and 18 ct solid gold. Each model is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, due to the natural water buffalo horn material that boasts variations in depth of color and pattern. Considered to be high fashion from the 1920s to the 1960s, horn-rimmed glasses are a rarity today. Genuine horn is a proven material for eyewear and is one of the oldest frame materials in the world. The buffalo horn frames have many pros: they provide a pleasant feeling and a perfect fit when wearing them.

      To create a timeless and beautiful pair of horn-rimmed glasses, LINDBERG uses horns of special buffalo breeds from regions such as Africa and Asia as well as Central and South America. As each breed has its own unique characteristics, the manufacturer has the opportunity to offer dramatic color combinations in a variety of designs. The spectrum ranges from anthracite and gray tones to shades of brown to perfectly complement all skin tones. The special way that light is reflected and the warm enticing appearance of the horn frames are unparalleled. Discover more beautiful designs within the LINDBERG Buffalo Titanium Collection.

      Limited-Edition Collection

      The LINDBERG craftsmen handcraft unique precious pieces in a strictly limited quantity. Each piece of Precious limited edition is numbered underlining this is an exclusive and luxurious piece of eyewear. Since every pair of glasses is made to order, LINDBERG is able to tailor the spectacles to the wearer’s face, providing the ultimate not only in look and material but also in comfort. To emphasize the handcrafted quality of the collection, each piece is bestowed a unique product number. Also, the manufacturer can engrave the wearer’s name on the eyeglasses to make them absolutely one-of-a-kind. Give your look the perfect elegant edge with these gorgeous optical frames from LINDBERG!