L.a.eyeworks™ Eyewear

Authorized Dealer of Matchless l.a.Eyeworks Frames in New York City

More than 40 years ago, two close friends, Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, decided to unite in order to change the perception of eyewear by creating daring, one-of-a-kind frames. Fortunately, their optical dreams have become a reality, and today everyone around the world is able to enjoy their works of art, – l.a.Eyeworks. Each pair of glasses, whether it is oversized, bold sunglasses or elegant and refined optical frame, is designed to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of every face. Their spectacles are extremely easy to distinguish for their extravagant shapes, outstanding materials and head-turning color combinations.

In addition to creating breathtaking frame designs, l.a.Eyeworks has made an immense contribution into the international popularity of its brand. Anything from glasses cases and lens cleaning cloth to their sophisticated architectural spaces is left neglected as a subject for creative investigation. The company’s genuine love for artists has resulted in an ongoing series of art exhibitions, event programming, and commissioned works. Starting from 1981, the brand’s signature portrait advertising campaign, conducted along with a professional photographer Greg Gorman, has included an eclectic mix of more than 200 world-famous celebrities and lesser-known cultural provocateurs in an continuously evolving series of impressive black-and-white images.


So, what makes l.a.Eyeworks eyewear so original and visually daring? To create invigorating and often iconoclastic frames, McReynolds and Gherardi begin each of their unique designs with a hand-drawn sketch, which is the initial step in the meticulous process of production. The highest-grade materials are transformed into groundbreaking frames by utilizing the latest technologies and hand-finished crafting. The result is a one-of-a-kind pair of glasses that provides exceptional comfort, unmatched reliability and innovative touch, expressing both timeless optical traditions and modern aesthetics.

The l.a.Eyeworks designers create their outstanding frames without any rules, or regard to traditional frame shapes, color combinations or materials. According to Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, the glasses they make are sparks of their imagination. Being seasoned opticians, the founders demonstrate their professional understanding of facial proportions as well as the core principles of making a perfectly fitting frame that can accommodate a comprehensive range of prescriptions. Welcome to EuroOptika, one of the most exclusive eyewear boutiques in New York, and try on the hottest frames by l.a.Eyeworks.


The story of a worldwide renowned brand has begun with a friendship of two spirited women, united by a single dream to open up a new kind of conversation about eyewear. l.a.Eyeworks was established in 1979, when Gherardi and McReynolds opened their first small shop on Melrose Avenue in LA. The girls grew up in the seaside community of Huntington Beach, becoming very close friends in high school. Later on, both of them trained as opticians, working in celebrated optical stores and learning from the most professional craftsmen. After that, they decided to launch l.a.Eyeworks with an ambitious mission to encourage people to stop looking and to start seeing.

Today, l.a.Eyeworks is a world-trusted brand, appreciated by Elton John, Jack Nicholson, Jodie Foster, Bob Dylan, Cher, Robin Williams, Tina Turner, Bono, Demi Moore, just to name a few. After four decades of creating high-end glasses, the company remains a privately owned house of optical imagination, owning two namesake retail stores in Los Angeles and a wholesale company that provides its products to a global network of independent opticians and retailers. We, at EuroOptika, are proud to be the authorized dealer for groundbreaking eyeglasses and sunglasses by l.a.Eyeworks