Luxury Glasses & Prescription Eyewear in Manhattan, NY

When hunting for the perfect pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, there is one crucial factor people usually look for: how well they will look on their face. As a matter of fact, there are many more things to take into account: consider your way of leaving, identify your face shape, choose colors that complement your skin tone, select the right size, etc. We, at EuroOptica, love challenges, and always focus on cutting-edge brands and highest-grade frames that last a lifetime. Whether it is outfitting people with a variety of refractive vision issues or fashionistas striving for trendy eyewear pieces, we’re deeply involved in treating our customers to luxurious vision and one-of-a-kind looks.

We, at EuroOptica, have a strong passion for luxury eyewear. This mindset has earned us a reputation as one of the top shopping destinations in Manhattan, New York. In our store, you can choose from a great variety of distinctive and bold, flirty and extraordinary, retro-inspired and classic sunglasses and optical frames crafted by world-renowned eyewear designers. Discover our eclectic selection of spectacles from Barton Perreira, Oliver Peoples, Lindberg, Andy Wolf, HENAU, Sabine Be, GUCCI, Oliver Goldsmith and many other leading brands. Visit us to get a professional consultation from our experienced eyewear stylist Ellen, whose true passion, and magic power, is finding the perfect frame for every face.

Minimalist Eyewear Designs

If simplicity, clean lines and sleek look is what you seek, minimalist frames are the right solution for you! The trend of minimalism is definitely crossing over to eyewear in recent years. Bold, heavy, and bulky glasses are no longer in. Now it’s all about refinement. The celebrated Danish eyewear brand Lindberg is an epitome of aesthetic minimalism. Utilizing premium-grade titanium, the manufacturer creates feather light and ultra-durable spectacles with a modern and elegant design. From sophisticated rimless and air rim titanium optical frames to fascinating buffalo horn and fine wood spectacles to statement sunglasses and luxury solid gold frames, Lindberg has you covered!

Another Danish eyewear brand known for its elegant minimalist frames is ProDesign Denmark. Modest and neat optical frames feature colorful temple tips, metal milling and tip cuts all neatly aligned, which serve as proof that masterful craftsmanship has been utilized in these designs. If you appreciate innovative eyewear designs, ic! berlin is the name to remember. Made from premium-quality stainless steel which is hypoallergenic and strong, each ic! berlin frame is a one piece construction, which means no screws. The glasses are tough enough to hold the lenses under constant tension, while rubberized nose pads and end tips provide a really good grip without any pressure on the wearer’s face. Oliver Peoples and Andy Wolf brands are other prominent representatives of the category.

Spectacular Glasses

Love to be a center of attention wherever you go? Looking for special accessories to elevate your bold look? Our selection of impressive, daring, and extravagant sunglasses and optical frames has you fully covered. With great focus on sustainability, the German eyewear brand Wissing creates exclusive optical styles appreciated for their amazing colors and structure. Our range of eye-catching and instantly recognizable glasses would not be complete without Sabine Be and HENAU frames – real works of art especially crafted for those who are not afraid of being individually noticed. These celebrated brands successfully combine beautiful colors and fantastic shapes caring about every minor detail, from hinges and handles to beautiful embellishments.

Need more provocative designs? Discover Etnia Barcelona and KIRK&KIRK glasses feature exclusive shapes and come in a unique color palette, so everyone can find their true colors and express their individuality. Every pair of spectacles is made to the highest optical standards, and can be fitted with prescription optical or sunglass lenses. Well, where do you go without good old GUCCI! Always bold and eye-catching, Gucci glasses scream individuality and creativity. Each frame within the collection is a sophisticated mix of luminous materials and intricate details; playful vibes mix with retro undertones in a range of striking shapes and colors. Visit EuroOptica to look through our eclectic selection of spectacular designer sunglasses and optical frames.

Perfect Alternatives

In addition to providing the industry’s most comprehensive selection of designer eyewear, EuroOptica gives you an opportunity to get a frame of your choice fitted with any prescription. We offer a huge range of lens options to meet any individual's lifestyle and preferences. Our range includes premium-quality Single Vision, Progressive, Bi-Focal, Digital, Polarized and Transitions® Lenses, just to name a few. To provide you with high-grade prescription lenses, we rely on the most reputable brands in the field, including ZEISS, Shamir, Essilor, Rodenstock, Varilux, and other renowned names. If you have any doubts on what type of lenses is best for you, our experienced opticians will help you choose eyewear that is custom-fit and filled to the exact requirements prescribed by your doctor for the optimal visual experience.

If you are not wearing glasses and prefer contact lenses, EuroOptica offers a great assortment of durable and hypoallergenic contact lenses manufactured by the industry-trusted  brands like AirOptix, DAILIES, Acuvue, Crizal, Varilux, just to name a few. Whether it’s your first experience with lenses or you just want to buy a new pair, our certified specialists will provide you with full information on the product as well as give help to make an optimum solution. Choosing any type of corrective lenses should be done carefully, following an eye care specialist’s recommendations to fit your visual needs. Our licensed optometrist Dr. Jessica Rimm will accurately determine your precise prescription for contact lenses and check for the earliest signs of eye disease. EuroOptica is always happy to help with all your vision and lifestyle needs!