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Comprehending Your Eyesight

Best option to get the way to the best vision. Tailored lens technologies, meticulously designed for your needs. 

Across the globe, people grapple with unattended visual impairments resulting from insufficient awareness, resources, and intervention. This is precisely why HOYA has taken a resolute stance to narrow the chasm in vision care. The company actively collaborates with vision care institutions that champion ocular health services, endeavor to enhance eye-health education, and are steadfast in facilitating global communities' access to vital interventions.

Each of us holds a vision of our desired future, filled with experiences, achievements, and the influence we aspire to create. Regardless of the nature of your vision, clear eyesight plays a pivotal role in breathing life into it.

Being at the forefront of the eye-care sector, HOYA possesses both the capacity and obligation to contribute to resolving any vision problems. This impetus has led the company to pledge dedication in narrowing the vision care gap. HOYA achieves this by collaborating with visionary organizations committed to advocating eye-care services, bolstering eye-health awareness, and extending essential interventions to global communities.

Renowned for producing top-tier, superior eyeglass lenses, HOYA maintains an unwavering commitment to providing optimal vision care solutions for people all over the world. Spanning its reach across 110 countries, the company's expansive network, comprising over 17,000 proficient employees and 43 laboratories, ensures the dissemination of exceptional lenses throughout the world.

Progressive Lenses

Given the diverse visual and lifestyle needs of clients, HOYA empowers to provide the perfect progressive lens that aligns with their unique requirements. Leveraging the acclaimed iD FreeForm Design Technology and proprietary Binocular Eye Model, innovative Hoyalux iD lenses enable to deliver personalized vision solutions encompassing all ranges of viewing distances.

  • Hoyalux iD Myself
  • Hoyalux iD MyStyle V+
  • Hoyalux iD LifeStyle 4
  • Hoyalux Balansis
  • Daynamic

Single Vision Lenses

HOYA's single vision lens designs have been refined through cutting-edge advancements. Each prescription undergoes meticulous individual calculations and is meticulously crafted using HOYA's precise point-by-point FreeForm technologies. By assigning distinct calculation values to every pixel on the lens surface, each prescription is custom-fit into the lens with unparalleled accuracy. In result, lenses bestow upon precision down to the pixel and unparalleled visual excellence.

  • Sync III
  • Nulux Identity V+
  • Nulux Trueform


Addressing myopia early is crucial to prevent lasting vision problems. That's why MiYOSMART spectacle lenses were crafted with children in mind. MiYOSMART represents a groundbreaking approach to slowing myopia progression – it's simple, safe, and incredibly effective, allowing your child to surge forward confidently.

  • Crafted from durable, impact-resistant material for maximum safety during kids' active endeavors.
  • Offers reliable UV protection. 
  • When it comes to children's eyewear frames, the options are limitless. MiYOSMART spectacle lenses seamlessly integrate, appearing like standard single vision lenses, ensuring effortless adaptation.

Occupational Lenses

For people experiencing eyestrain and fatigue during work hours, HOYA's top-tier occupational lenses provide a solution to enhance vision comfort beyond the workspace. Customized to suit specific working and wearing conditions, these lenses deliver heightened vision comfort and promote ergonomic posture across near and near intermediate distances.

  • Hoyalux ID Workstyle 3
  • Hoyalux Workstyle Business
  • Hoyalux WorkSmart Room

Sun Lens Options

Many individuals remain oblivious to their need for prescription sunglasses. Customers often seek stylish shades without realizing that foregoing prescription and UV protection can result in visual discomfort. With HOYA's range of sun solutions, every requirement can be satisfied. Clients do not sacrifice functionality for fashion anymore. Their visual comfort, performance, and outdoor safeguarding can be elevated with sunglasses that combine cutting-edge styles with optimum protection.

  • Polarized lenses
  • Tinted lenses
  • Mirror and Light Mirror

Photochromic Lenses

Wherever customers' summer adventures lead them, Sensity light-adaptive lenses from HOYA ensure they're prepared to embrace diverse environments. A trio of distinctive lenses, available in three captivating colors, seamlessly transition to category-3 tints outdoors and seamlessly revert to clear indoors.

  • Sensity 2
  • Sensity Dark
  • Sensity Shine

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Shielding lenses from grease, dust, inadvertent scratches, and fluctuating weather is a considerable feat. We offer to clients the simplicity of low-maintenance upkeep and exceptional robustness through HOYA's cutting-edge anti-reflective coatings. Painstakingly crafted in-house, these coatings guarantee that lenses are well-equipped to withstand the rigors of daily usage and maintain their pristine condition.

  • Hi-Vision LongLife
  • Hi-Vision LongLife BlueControl
  • Hi-Vision LongLife UV Control
  • Hi-Vision SUN Pro

High-Quality Materials

HOYA uses top-rated materials for lenses to ensure unparalleled visual precision and comfort. High-index plastic lens materials, known for their inherent thinness and lightweight nature, empower to meet expectations for comfortable lenses seamlessly, delivering unparalleled optical clarity and an exceptional standard of comfort.

  • Ultra-high index 1.74 (Eyvia)
  • High index 1.67 (Eynoa)
  • High index 1.60 (Eyas)
  • Impact resistant PNX 1.53
  • Plastic 1.50