On-site Optical Laboratory

The Fastest Optical In-House Lab in Manhattan, New York City

We offer our convenient on-site laboratory with the top-rated equipment, high-tech lenses, and the best professionals who are familiar with the latest lens-edging technology to provide our clients with outstanding service. When you need new glasses or want to replace the lenses in your current eyeglasses following the prescription, you don’t have to wait for weeks before having your glasses because we can make lenses on-site, including specialty lenses, custom tints, and rimless mounting. Our customers’ eyesight and time are very important for us, and we do our best to offer the best service to satisfy their needs.

Whether you are thinking about getting a new pair of prescription glasses or replacing lenses in existing ones, our well-trained consultants will help you in selecting the best product to fit your specific needs and taste. Our store EuroOptica, at 280 Columbus Ave, Manhattan, New York, invites you to visit us and get your new glasses and new vision. We guarantee the highest quality of our service because our in-house lab has the most experienced specialists who work with the newest equipment, including Mr. Blue 2.0 from Essilor Instruments, the USA company that develops the latest technologies for eye care specialists worldwide.

On-Site Lab Benefits

We understand that you want to get your new or updated prescription glasses as soon as possible, and our team works hard to save time. With our in-house laboratory, our customers can get many benefits::

  • Our on-site lab allows cutting lenses in-house, ensuring that every customer gets new glasses following their prescription as soon as possible, in some cases, just in a few hours
  • In our laboratory, we have the latest high-quality equipment in finishing the lenses following the individual prescription of every customer
  • Only the most skilled technicians work in our lab to make lenses following your needs. They check each lens for precision and quality before the installment
  • We have qualified consultants who will make sure every client is properly measured and fitted to leave our store with new glasses and a big smile on their faces

Our Advantages

Our optical store provides the highest-grade eyewear, including prescription glasses, and we do our best to satisfy every customer. Here are our main advantages you can get:

  • We offer a wide assortment of stylish and fashionable spectacles from well-known manufacturers
  • When you’ve found the frame that suits your taste and style, our in-house lab can cut your prescription lenses in the shortest terms without any compromise on quality
  • If you need a prescription, it is easy and fast to get it with our comprehensive eye exam
  • Only qualified eye doctors, technicians, and consultants who work in our optical store using the newest equipment to provide clients with a clear vision
  • We stock a great choice of anti-reflective, ultra-thin, or photochromic lenses you can select to mount to your sunglasses and eyeglasses