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Eye Doctor +
Eyewear Boutique

We bring you the comfort and convenience all in one place to see an eye doctor, have an eye exam, browse through a huge collection of exclusive eyewear, and have your prescription lenses customized in our on-site laboratory

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Eye Care Services
for Adults & Children

Many problems with vision and eyes have no certain symptoms or signs, so it is important to have periodic examinations as a part of preventive health care.

  • Dr. Sarah Phen is a Superstar Optometrist
  • Utilizing only the Latest Technology and Equipment
  • We offer a complete range of Eye Care Services
Dedicated Experts 90%
State of the Art Equipment 90%
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Eyewear Shop

Exclusive Collection of Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Details matter! To make your choice easy and effective, we’ve gathered the most luxury and famous eyewear manufacturers in the fashion industry.

  • Over 3000 optical frames to choose from
  • Amazing selection of European designer sunglasses
  • Lenses from Shamir™, Verilux™ , Zeiss™, Transitions™ ...
Eyeglasses 90%
Sunglasses 90%


Wide Range Of Optometry

Vision tests to ensure your eyes are functioning well.

Management and treatment of conditions like dry eye.

Contact lenses can provide unparalleled comfort.

Corneal foreign bodies removed in a timely manner.


Our Exclusive
Eyewear Boutique

We are excited to collaborate with the most notable and exclusive  brands that create timeless eyewear pieces

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Frames In Stock


Edged Lenses


Satisfied Customers


Eye Exams


Our Dedicated Team of Professionals

We have experienced and qualified experts in optometry who can conduct comprehensive eye exams as well as help you select eyewear to fit your vision needs and style.

Your Friendly Neighborhood
Licensed Optometrist
ABO Certified Licensed Optician
+ the Guy with the Magic Hands
Professional Eyewear Stylist
+ British Murder Mysteries Fan
ABO Certified Licensed Optician
+ the Nicest Guy in the World
Professional Eyewear Stylist
+ the Guy who Makes you Laugh


What people say about our Columbus Ave. team

Welcome to one of the most exclusive Eyewear Boutiques in New York City. We offer a large selection from a vast variety of European handmade designer frames. Our priority is your satisfaction which we guarantee! It begins with creation of a unique image by selecting that perfect frame which is then fitted with the best possible lens design for your prescription and adjusted to ensure comfort and quality of your vision.

We will never let you leave with something you don’t love or something that does not work. You will find your after-sale experience like no other. We will maintain the same highest level of customer service throughout the lifespan of your new eyewear. EuroOptika was founded in 1996 and has been styling New Yorkers and clients as far as the reach can take you with amazing brands like Anne et Valentin, Theo, Oliver GoldSmith, ic! Berlin, Lindberg, Wissing, Oliver Peoples, La EyeWorks, RayBan, Maui Jim and many more. At EuroOptica you will not only find Eyewear like nowhere else but also an improved quality of life.
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