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      Ray-Ban® Transitions RB2140 - Red Eyeglasses
      Ray-Ban® Transitions RB2140 - Red Eyeglasses
      Ray-Ban® Transitions RB2140
      Ray-Ban® RB2140 - Green / Gray Sunglasses
      Ray-Ban® RB2140 - Green / Gray Sunglasses
      Ray-Ban® RB2140

      Traditional style, freedom of expression, and authenticity are the main values of the Ray-Ban brand, a legendary eyewear company recognized worldwide. Their iconic model was made in 1929 for the United States Air Force aviators to work in extreme conditions when gold Aviator glasses with G15 lenses became a winning design. Nowadays, these sunglasses are worn by many celebrities, including Sam Smith, Rita Ora, and Jennifer Aniston. In 1999, the famed company joined the Luxottica Group, and this has accelerated its growth and redetermined distribution. Aviators from Ray-Ban remain the number one bestselling glasses in the world.

      Matchless eyewear from Ray-Ban is created for people who live in the now and express their individuality with stunning accessories. Except for aviators, two other popular models, Wayfarer and Clubmaster were released and appeared on the big screen worn by famous actors Audrey Hepburn and James Dean. To choose a fashionable pair of glasses selected by rock icons, trendsetters, and movie stars all over the globe, visit our store EuroOptica at 280 Columbus Ave o try on legendary frames from the popular brand. Being an authorized distributor of Ray-Ban eyewear in Manhattan, NY, we provide a wide selection of excellent frames designed by a trustworthy label.


      Chic and timeless, Ray-Ban eyewear is manufactured by the most experienced masters to fit all ages, including children. These stylish and fashionable frames are chosen by people who want to stay out of the crowd without fear of being judged. The brand’s well-recognizable unique logotype printed on the corner of the frame on the glasses, stays true to the company’s identity, ensuring the premium quality of the product. A combination of creative design, production improvement, and marketing helped the company to become one of the best-known and popular brands in the world. The manufacturer uses durable materials for their products, including acetate, metal, titanium, and carbon fiber.

      Being a famous brand, it even became a sponsorship partner of the racing team, Scuderia Ferrari, on Formula One. In 2007, Ray-Ban introduced their campaign “Never Hide” with a slogan “the most fashionable thing to be is yourself” that included a series of advertisements with front-rank pop bands Slash and Guns ‘N Roses wearing glasses. Creative posters of the campaign challenged people to become the center of attention and establishing individuality by breaking social norms. The main idea of this campaign was to show ordinary people in extreme and unusual situations, and it helped Ray-Ban to become the dominant company in the eyewear market.


      Established in 1937, the Ray-Ban brand was created by Bausch & Lomb for the U.S. Army to provide pilots with frames that would protect them from the sun’s glare. Then in 1952, the Wayfarer was introduced as the first plastic frame designed by the company. It was launched for men only, but soon, legendary glasses became available for both genders. In the ’80s, the Clubmaster model with its recognizable browline frame was added to the line and became the third best selling frame behind two leaders – Aviator and Wayfarer. Bausch & Lomb Inc. sold its eyewear business which included Ray-Ban, to Luxottica Group in Italy for $640 million.

      In 2007, Ray-Ban redesigned Wayfarer glasses, expanding the color palette and getting successful sales after this revival. The same year, the innovative media campaign “Never Hide” was launched to highlight the ability of glasses’ wearer to be the center of attention with a timeless statement. And in 2009, the company reworked its models in a touch of fresh colors with the new “Never Hide Colorize” communication campaign that allowed people to make their unique glasses with a special kit. Through every year of its existence, the popular iconic brand has shared its timeless culture, marking out its wearer as a person with individual taste and discernment.