Gucci™ Eyewear

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      Gucci® GG0847SK - Blue / Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0847SK - Green / Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0847SK
      Gucci® GG0923O - Black Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0923O - Black/Brown Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0923O
      Gucci® GG0748S - Black / Brown Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0748S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0748S
      Gucci® GG0409OK - Black Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0409OK - Havana Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0409OK
      Gucci® GG0941S - Gold / Brown Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0941S - Gold/Black / Green Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0941S
      Gucci® GG0831OA - Gold/Black Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0831OA - Gold/Havana Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0831OA
      Gucci® GG0850SK - Black / Gold Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0850SK - Black / White Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0850SK
      Gucci® GG0426OA - Black Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0426OA - Blue Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0426OA
      Gucci® GG0854SK - Black / Green / Gray Gradient Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0854SK - Havana / Green / Brown Gradient Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0854SK
      Gucci® GG0954S - Beige / Brown Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0954S - Pink / Red Gradient Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0954S
      Gucci® GG0445O - Gold/Brown Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0445O - Silver/Blue Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0445O
      Gucci® GG1072S - Black / Gray Gradient Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG1072S - Havana / Black Gradient Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG1072S
      Gucci® GG1074O - Black Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG1074O - Black Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG1074O
      Gucci® GG0921S - Black / Gray Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0921S - Black / Orange Sunglasses
      Gucci® GG0921S
      Gucci® GG0093O - Black Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0093O - Blue Eyeglasses
      Gucci® GG0093O

      Innovative, eclectic, romantic… Gucci is a globally-famous fashion House that has redefined benchmarks in design and luxury. Founded a century ago in Florence by Guccio Gucci, a son of an Italian merchant, the brand has quickly gained its reputation, representing the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship. Today, Gucci is one of the most prestigious and respected brands in the fashion and luxury fields. Since 2015, the renowned House is guided by a new creative director Alessandro Michele, a talented designer who celebrates freedom from all that is traditional and generally accepted. Now Gucci is associated with revolutionary designs and endless self-confidence.

      The contemporary Gucci is taking a completely modern approach of what fashion is, re-establishing the rules for luxury in the 21st century. Its bold and progressive designs are beloved by the most iconic fashionistas and  celebrities all around the globe, including Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Serena Williams, Diane Keaton, Sienna Miller, James Corden, Dakota Johnson and many, many more. Gucci’s individual spirit and creative vision permeates every design, from handbags and shoes to dresses and glasses. Vintage eras are reinterpreted by Alessandro Michele for sunglasses and optical styles – retro shapes defined with elaborate decorations and bright colors.


      In 1999, Gucci became a part of the Kering Group; a French-based multinational corporation specialized in producing luxury accessories, such as jewelry, watches, leather goods and glasses. Besides Gucci, Kering manages the development of a series of world-renowned Houses in Fashion, including Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Boucheron, Brioni, etc. The Gucci eyewear line also embodies the House’s vision of creativity and self-expression, offering bold and eccentric frames in a sophisticated mix of luminous materials and intricate details. Playful vibes mix with retro undertones in a range of striking shapes and colors.

      Each pair of Gucci glasses tells its own story – speaking to the individuality of the wearer. Its latest eyewear collections showcase the bold and creative spirit of Gucci. Taking inspiration from the iconic elements of the House, the range is an eclectic mix of shapes and styles reminiscent of the ‘70s and ‘80s. The silhouettes take center stage in a display of Gucci’s ground-breaking approach to eyewear design as gold contours and exaggerated volumes combine in seductive, sophisticated and eccentric styles. Embellished with glittering crystals applied scrupulously by hand, each pair in the collection captures the mesmerizing, all-embracing spirit of Hollywood. The Double G and Horsebit logo appear throughout the line, paying homage to the House’s roots.


      What first comes to your mind when you think of Gucci? The scandalous silhouettes and impressive ad campaigns with Tom Ford at the helm? Or Frida Giannini’s feminine and distinctly Italian designs featuring a floral print? Or maybe a bold, quirky and androgynous aesthetics from Alessandro Michele? But long before these genius designers were running the show at Gucci, the iconic Fashion House got its start as a humble leather shop back in 1921. Founded in Florence by Guccio Gucci, a son of an Italian merchant, the brand specialized in leather accessories, inspired by Guccio’s days working within luxury hospitality at the Savoy, London. From the 1950s onwards, the brand has become renowned for its extravagant, luxurious designs and experienced amazing success amongst Hollywood stars.

      Over a span of a century, Gucci has passed through a lot of things: family feuds and re-establishing harmony, failures and ground-breaking campaigns, a near-bankruptcy and legendary turnarounds… Gucci has survived whatever the world has thrown at it and the allure of the brand is enduring. Today, it is one the most famous and influential luxury brands in the world that creates some of fashion’s most sought-after pieces. We, at EuroOptica, are very pleased and proud to be an authorized distributor for iconic Gucci sunglasses and optical frames. We’re waiting for you at 280 Columbus Ave, New York to show you all the beautiful pieces we got in.