Shamir Spectrum+™ Lenses

Enhanced Progressive Reading Lenses in Manhattan, New York


Perfect Choice for Hardcore Readers

Minimum Fitting Heights:14mm,16mm,18mm

Natural Posture™

Ergonomic Design Concept

EyePoint Technology™

More Accurate Visual Experience

Experience exceptional visual clarity and comfort while reading your favorite books with Shamir Spectrum+™ Lenses. This ergonomic everyday lens is much more than a standard progressive solution. In comparison to ordinary progressive lenses, the Shamir Spectrum+ provide improved visual performance in both near and far vision zones featuring a wider reading area and corridor. In addition to providing wearers with more comfortable visual zones, the lenses have been designed to be more stable compared to standard PALs. Increased stability in the far vision zone allows for crisp, sharp vision at the 180º and up.

Ergonomic Design Concept

The Spectrum+ lens series features the Shamir’s patented Natural Posture™ technology, which helps overcome traditional progressive lens limitations to accommodate eyeglass wearers’ most natural viewing posture, especially during activities such as reading. This cutting-edge technology effectively reduces the need to tilt one’s head forward or back, or lower or raise objects to get a convenient viewing angle, all while optimally accounting for positive or negative power adjustments. Natural Posture™ will help wearers by minimizing neck and shoulder discomfort, thus allowing for a natural posture while reading.

Powerful Progressive Reading Lens

Striving for a sharp and dynamic visual experience? The Shamir Spectrum+ lenses feature the innovative Eye-point Technology™ that simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision. It can imitate exactly how an eye will see through the lens and then calculate the optical performance of thousands of locations covering the lens surface, taking into account dozens of different parameters, from lens index refraction and pantoscopic tilt of the frame to thickness reduction prism and lens center thickness. As a result, you get the high-performance, precisely personalized progressive lenses that provide clear, comfortable vision for eyeglass wearers with any prescription and frame choice.

Who it’s for

The Shamir Spectrum+™ lenses are designed for cost-conscious multifocal eyeglass wearers who require visual clarity and comfort across all zones, especially when reading or focusing on nearby, non-digital objects.

By choosing Shamir Spectrum+™ , you get:

  • Ideal progressive lenses for reading, knitting or any other “non-digital” hobby
  • Optimally positioned reading area, so the wearer will enjoy a more natural posture
  • High near vision clarity, with viewing zones 20% broader than those of standard lenses
  • Superior comfort, with near viewing zone optimally positioned for natural posture
  • Constant, clear focus regardless of transitioning from near to intermediate view
  • Backside digital freeform