Shamir Computer™ Lenses

High-Performance Occupational Lens in Manhattan, New York


Optimal Visual Experience in Desktop Computing Environments

Minimum Fitting Heights:14mm lower & 10mm upper


Unique Power Profile For Clearer Vision

Natural Posture™

Ultra-Ergonomic Design Concept

EyePoint Technology™

Sophisticated Progressive Lens Surface

Nowadays people are spending more time than ever in front of their computers, tablets and other digital screens. This can lead to eye strain, discomfort, and different vision problems. Whether you are a graphic designer, lab technician or software engineer, you need reliable protection for your eyes.Shamir Computer™ advanced lensesguarantee an optimal visual and ergonomic experience for prolonged working hours in front of screens. They provide a wide field of near viewing with clear vision up to 5 ft. – a far greater depth of field than that offered by standard reading lenses. Shamir Computer™ lenses are perfect as a second pair of progressives or an upgrade to your reading glasses.

Focus On Immediate Surroundings

If focusing on your computer and its near surroundings is your top priority, Shamir Computer™ progressive lenses are just what the doctor ordered! These advanced Freeform® lenses are designed to significantly improve visual clarity and comfort in the 15 inches to 5 feet range, which is a perfect distance for convenient reading and computer usage. Suitable for small, closed off workspaces, the lens features power profiles uniquely optimized for near vision zones. It is important to understand that Shamir Computer™ lenses serve other occupations as well, because they guarantee clear vision for any task performed within 5ft. A post office clerk, chemist, accountant, lab technician, and pianist will also benefit from Shamir Computer™.

Cutting-Edge Ophthalmic Lens Technologies

Shamir utilizes the most advanced technologies to ensure that their customer’s view of the world is the clearest it can be. Shamir Computer™ progressive lenses feature the patented Eye-point Technology™ that ensures the most sophisticated progressive lens surfaces based upon thousands of points of data, and the Natural Posture™, a groundbreaking ergonomic design technology that guarantees a natural, comfortable viewing posture. It helps to reduce the need to tilt one’s head forward or back, or lower or raise objects to achieve convenient viewing. To make these lenses perfect for everyday tasks, Shamir utilizes the IntelliCorridor® technology that optimizes the power in specific areas and customizes lenses specifically to the patient’s vision requirements.

Who it’s for

Shamir Computer™ lenses are designed for those people working on their computer throughout the day, especially those operating with multiple monitors. If you’re a reading, bifocal or progressive eyeglass wearer requiring vision improvement in near vision zones when spending the majority of your workday at your desk, these advanced occupational lenses by Shamir are just the ticket for you!

By choosing Shamir Computer™, you get:

  • Optimal visual and ergonomic experience for performing desktop activities
  • Unprecedented near zone visual comfort when using computers
  • Wide, comfortable viewing field for reading
  • Natural and ergonomic viewing postures
  • Reduced eye strain and fatigue