Personalized Single Vision Sun Lens in Manhattan, New York


Personalized SV Lenses for Active or Leisurely Lifestyle

As-Worn Quadro™

Perfect Vision For Any Frame Choice

EyePoint Technology III™

The Real World Vision Experience

Style and performance are key factors when it comes to sunglasses. With Shamir Attitude III® – SV, single vision wearers can enjoy the best optical performance while wearing their favorite frames. These top-quality SV sunglass lenses are designed to perfectly fit a wide range of sport and fashion frames. Featuring the cutting-edge As-Worn Quadro™ and EyePoint III™ technologies, the lenses provide sharp and distortion-free, prescription personalized vision across its entire surface. Perfect for active or leisurely lifestyles, Shamir Attitude III® – SV covers the extremes for single vision patients.

Top Performance in Any Frame, Lifestyle or Activity

Shamir Attitude® III – SV is based on the successful Shamir Autograph II – Attitude Single Vision™, designed for wraparound frames only. Shamir decided to create new, high-performance SV lenses with an expanded base curve range to support an endless variety of sports and fashion frames to suit any lifestyle. Thus, the Shamir Attitude® III– SV lenses ensure extreme viewing comfort for any prescription frame, flat or wraparound, and for any activity or way of living, be it extreme sports or an outdoor coffee with friends. This extended range allows for more frames to be fitted with precisely compatible lenses, very similar to the frame’s demo lenses, ensuring a perfect fit and great looking sun wear. This unrivalled new lens is completely adaptable to each wearer, which makes it perfect for those wishing to express who they are!

Innovative Ophthalmic Lens Technologies

Shamir utilizes the most advanced technologies to ensure that their customer’s view of the world is the clearest it can be. To guarantee sharp and distortion-free, prescription personalized vision, Shamir Attitude® III – SV Lenses are tailored utilizing the patented Eye-Point Technology III™ that ensures the widest fields of clear vision, and the As-Worn Quadro™ technology to guarantee that visual comfort and acuity precisely match the optimal viewing experience determined in doctors’ measurements.

Who it’s for

Shamir Attitude® III - SV lenses are designed for outdoor sunglass wearers of any age striving for clear vision and prescription-specific personalization, for fashion and sports activities. These premium-quality lenses are the primer choice for everyday prescription sun wear.

By choosing Shamir Attitude® III – SV, you get:

  • Unbeatable optical performance while wearing a favorite frame
  • Sharp and distortion-free vision across entire lens surface
  • Dedicated support for near zone use of digital devices
  • Expanded peripheral viewing
  • Seamless transition among vision zones
  • Support for a huge range of panoramic angles and base curves
  • Integrated cutting-edge technologies
  • Greater optical design stability