Shamir Attitude® III Sport Lenses

High-Performance Progressive Sun Lens for Sports in Manhattan, New York


Perfect Sun Lenses for Active Lifestyles

Minimum Fitting Heights: 18mm


Unique Power Profile For Clearer Vision

Natural Posture™

Ergonomic Design Concept

As-Worn Quadro™

Perfect Vision For Any Frame Choice

EyePoint Technology III™

The Real World Vision Experience

Shamir Attitude® III Sport are high-performance sunglass lenses precision-crafted to deliver distortion-free visual experience, specifically in those vision zones that are crucial to sports and active lifestyles. These progressive lenses maintain full clarity and superior stability even when performing sharp, rapid motions, allowing the wearers to see clearly where they’re running, what they’re hitting and how far they must jump to reach their goals. They feature a unique soft design and incorporate moderate power increases to guarantee clear and stable vision in key vision zones, both above and below the 180 degree line, which makes the Shamir Attitude® III Sport progressive lenses just perfect for sportsmen and active people.

Clear Vision Anywhere

Shamir Attitude® III Sport sunglass lenses provide undistorted vision, specifically in the zones characteristically focused on by people engaged in sports and in active lifestyles. The lens ultimately enables clear vision anywhere – from the near zone responsible for comfortable viewing fitness bands, smart watches, GPS and other sports gadgets; through the 3-to-16 feet “safety zone” (the area in front of the athlete, which must be monitored in order to plan the next move and identify obstacles along the way); up to the far zone, crucial in dynamic sports in which sharp movements would otherwise cause distorted vision and affect performance. In other words, the Shamir Attitude III® – Sport lenses maintain the precise optical power required for a comfortable and natural view of all distances.

Cutting-Edge Ophthalmic Lens Technologies

Shamir utilizes the most advanced technologies to ensure that their customer’s view of the world is the clearest it can be. Shamir Attitude® III Sport Lenses feature the patented Eye-point Technology III™ that ensures the widest fields of clear vision, and the As-Worn Quadro™ technology to guarantee that visual comfort and acuity precisely match the optimal viewing experience determined in doctors’ measurements. To make these lenses perfect for digital use, Shamir utilizes the Intellicorridor® technology that provides dedicated support for modern lifestyle near vision tasks, such as frequent use of tablets and smartphones. In its turn, the patented Natural Posture™, a groundbreaking ergonomic design technology, ensures a natural, comfortable viewing posture.

Who it’s for

Shamir Attitude® III Sport Lenses are designed for sunglass wearers wishing to enjoy the widest and most distortion-free vision when performing sports or outdoor activities, even with curved frames of any size or shape.

By choosing Shamir Attitude® III Sport, you get:

  • Better view of the immediate area in front of the athlete during sports activities
  • Enhanced width and depth of vision in the 3-to-16 feet “safety zone”
  • Dedicated support for near zone use of sport digital devices
  • Expanded peripheral vision specifically for large frames
  • Seamless transition among vision zones
  • Outstanding overall soft design
  • Suited for any frame size and shape
  • Greater optical design stability