Shamir Golf™ Lenses

High-Performance Play Lens for Golfers in Manhattan, New York


Designed For Your Visual Sweet Spots

Minimum Fitting Heights: 19mm


Unique Power Profile For Clearer Vision

As-Worn Technology™

Perfect Vision for Any Frame Choice

EyePoint Technology™

Sophisticated Progressive Lens Surface

Having fun playing golf means hitting solid and precise shots most of the time. It’s just not much fun when you don’t. In golf, a player has special needs and an ordinary progressive lens is not made to fit those needs. Shamir Golf™ lens is designed to guarantee their wearers experience their perfect game. Unlike standard progressives, the Shamir Golf™ Freeform® lenses are specifically tailored to the needs of golfers to providesharp vision at three crucial focal points: the scorecard in their hand, the ball at their feet and the green in the distance. Also, these are the first Golf lenses designed with astable mid-range zoneto ensure the ball on the ground can be seen clearly so a player will enjoy more accuracy whether driving from the tee or using irons on the fairway.

The Clearest Peripheral Vision

A golfer’s peripheral vision is extremely important when they are lining up to take a swing. The players need to be able to focus on the ball at their feet and at the same time see where they want the ball to go in the distance. That is why they utilize their peripheral zone and need it to be crystal clear. Fortunately, Shamir Golf™ progeessive lenses are designed specifically for wraparound frames and have a clear peripheral vision zone so the golfers can keep on improving their game. Thanks to the latest Shamir technologies, such as EyePoint Technology™ and As-Worn Technology™, crystal clear vision on the course is made possible. So, when it comes to providing golfers with an effective progressive solution, Shamir Golf™ lenses will give them the vision they need.

Cutting-Edge Ophthalmic Lens Technologies

Shamir utilizes the most advanced technologies to ensure that their customer’s view of the world is the clearest it can be. Shamir Golf™ Lenses feature the patented Eye-point Technology™ that ensures the most sophisticated progressive lens surfaces based upon thousands of points of data, and the As-Worn Quadro™ technology to guarantee that visual comfort and acuity precisely match the optimal viewing experience determined in doctors’ measurements. To make these lenses perfect for everyday and outdoor tasks, Shamir utilizes the Intellicorridor® technology that optimizes the power in specific areas and customizes lenses specifically to the patient’s vision requirements.

Who it’s for

Shamir Golf™ progeessive lenses are designed for avid golfers who need clear vision that doesn’t disrupt their focus, or their game. Tailored for wrap frames, these innovative play lenses provide sharp vision at the three important focal points.

By choosing Shamir Golf™ Lenses, you get:

  • Specialty lens designed specifically for the golf enthusiast
  • A more comfortable and enjoyable golfing experience
  • The clearest vision at crucial focal points and peripheral vision
  • Innovative features with As-Worn™ and EyePoint™ Technologies
  • Perfectly personalized to the wearer
  • Designed specifically for wrap frames