Shamir Intouch™

Highly Flexible Everyday Progressive Lens in Manhattan, New York


Exceptional Clarity in a High Definition World

No Minimum Fitting Height: Fitting Height Still Required


Unique Power Profile for Clearer Vision

EyePoint Technology™

Most Sophisticated Progressive Lens Surface Design

Shamir InTouch™ progressive lenses are designed for those eyeglass wearers, who frequently use digital devices and strive for maximum visual comfort. By observing the millions of people holding their tablets and smartphones, Shamir discovered that the devices are held higher and closer (between 15” to 27”) than a book would be. So, they designed Shamir InTouch™ lenses that, in comparison with standard progressive lenses, offer up to a 22% broader reading area with full addition, and up to a 21% wider intermediate area, thereby providing exceptional viewing comfort for handheld digital devices while still guaranteeing visual clarity for everyday use.

Unprecedented Support for Digital Device Viewing

Advanced and highly flexible Shamir InTouch™ everyday progressive lenses are designed to significantly improve visual clarity in the 15-to-27-inches digital device viewing zones. With a power profile uniquely optimized to the wearers’ head, eye and hand postures, InTouch™ guarantees visual comfort for years to come. The lens’ extra soft design ensures easy transition among all viewing zones. In fact, patients will notice a quicker transition of add power in the intermediate zone. Also, the lenses feature specific, enhanced support for near usage zones, facilitating both traditional book and computer display reading, and digital lifestyle-driven tablet and smartphone usage.

Cutting-Edge Optical Technologies

To meet the visual needs of today’s modern lifestyles, Shamir utilizes the latest technologies in the ophthalmology field. The Shamir InTouch™ progressive lenses feature the patented EyePoint Technology® that simulates the human eye in every angle, prescription, and field of vision. This unique technology enables the manufacturer to create the most refined progressive lens design based upon thousands of points of data. It’s this “design inside” that makes Shamir progressive lenses the most innovative in the world. To make InTouch™ perfect for digital use, the lenses are created utilizing Intellicorridor® technology that enables provision of dedicated support for modern lifestyle near vision tasks, such as frequent use of tablets and smartphones.

Who it’s for

Shamir InTouch™ is the first lens designed specifically for digital use. That is why they are perfect for modern people, who frequently use their gadgets and expect the highest visual comfort. These innovative progressive lenses are optimally suited to meet the visual needs of today’s dynamic lifestyles that include frequent use of digital devices, without compromising on optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and activity.

By choosing Shamir InTouch, you get:

  • Perfect solution for regular usage of digital devices
  • Comfortable vision in the 15” - 27” reading zone
  • 22% broader reading area
  • 21% wider intermediate area
  • High visual clarity in all vision zones
  • Seamless transition among vision zones
  • Increased visual acuity for smartphones and tablet screens