Revolutionary optical lenses for improved driving performance in Manhattan, NY


An innovative driving solution 

Advanced Shamir Technologies for Optimal Vision on the Road

As a top innovator in ophthalmic lens technologies, Shamir has introduced its new revolutionary solution to address the wide spectrum of visual requirements and lighting conditions encountered on the road. The new driver-dedicated solution comprises two distinctive pairs of lenses - “Sun” for daylight and “Moon” for nighttime driving, each specifically crafted to maximize visual clarity under a variety of driving scenarios. Catering to the visual needs of passionate motor enthusiasts, seasoned professional drivers, and everyday drivers alike, these lenses provide a flexible answer for every driver's unique demands.

Imagine taking your driving experience to a new level with advanced lens technology focusing on more than just your road mastery. Shamir Driver Intelligence™ lenses represent a breakthrough in ophthalmic technology, meticulously designed to address the individual visual needs of every driver. This advanced system delivers unparalleled visual clarity, even under the most challenging conditions, providing you with the sharpest vision, amplified color contrast, and faster reaction times. The cutting-edge technology, developed through the integration of Shamir's proven lens technology and design methodology with the real-world racetrack experience of the BWT Alpine F1® Team owned by the Renault Group, brings about a dramatic improvement in your driving experience. 

Benefits That Propel an Extraordinary Driving Experience

Shamir Driver Intelligence™ elevates your on-road experience to a new height

Enhanced Road Awareness
due to higher attention

Reduced Mental Strain
 for enhanced visual processing

Superior Comfort Level
 that promotes a delightful driving experience

Increased Driving Confidence
 in all road conditions

Faster reaction speed
contributing to a better performance

Key design features
for low-light & night driving
  • Soft, low-distortion design
  • High acuity; excellent wide far vision
  • Digital-friendly power profile
  • Natural Posture™ technology
  • A visual age-based myopic shift for improved low-light sharpness
  • Available for any frame tilt from flat to high curve
Advanced Filters for daylight driving

• Sun daylight lenses utilize top-notch materials that amplify color perception, creating an effect where colors and objects seem more vivid, akin to the experience provided by Formula F1® racing helmet visors.

• The daytime lenses improve the ability to pick out the details on the road while driving and accelerate the identification of objects within central and peripheral vision. This facilitates quicker response times and boosts driving safety and efficiency.

Premium coatings
for day & night driving

• Shamir Glacier™ Sun - Sun lens coating for daytime provides powerful protection, sun glare reduction, durability, and easy cleaning

• Shamir Glacier Expression™ - Moon lens coating for nighttime and low light conditions. The anti-reflective coating increases contrast sensitivity by 25%, reduces visual noise and eye fatigue, and improves reaction time.

Next-Gen Shamir Technologies & BWT Alpine F1® Team Pro Insights

14 Million
gaze points

80 Vehicle Types
intensive testing with drivers of different ages and genders

200 scenarios
researched driving scenarios

Extensive Measurements
involving pro and everyday drivers

Shamir pioneered the integration of Artificial Intelligence, eye tracking, and Big Data in crafting revolutionary optical solutions. Their collaboration with Renault Group's BWT Alpine F1® Team, one of the leading car racing teams globally, propelled lens innovation to new heights. The partnership amplified Shamir's Big Data with professional and everyday driver insights under various road and lighting conditions, including BWT Alpine F1® Team's pro driver head/eye tracking data.

Shamir Driver Intelligence™ lenses present a transformative evolution in driving vision technology, redefining the experience for drivers. These groundbreaking lenses are set to bring revolutionary changes to on-road experiences, transitioning from ordinary to extraordinary visual clarity. They provide exceptional sharpness of vision and enhanced color contrast, enriching the wearers' perception during their navigation. The performance of these lenses contributes to a significant uplift in on-road safety and capabilities for drivers. A new era of driving is upon us as Shamir Driver Intelligence™ lenses take the wearers' journeys to new heights, offering unmatched levels of comfort, safety, and performance.