Shamir Relax™ SV Lenses

Precisely Personalized Shamir Everyday Lenses in New York


Highly Personalized SV Lens for the Digital Lifestyle

Minimum Fitting Heights: 14mm

EyePoint Technology III™

More Accurate and Comfortable Visual Experience

Shamir Relax™ single vision lenses, as their name suggests, are especially designed to provide their wearers with relief and help them avoid eye dryness and fatigue, headaches, tearing, and blurry vision at the end of long days in front of computer and other digital device screens. Due to the implemented EyePoint Technology™, the innovative head- and eye-motion Big Data-based vision modeling technology, the Shamir Relax™ are the most precisely personalized SV lenses with wide, distortion-free viewing fields, standardized for both myopic and hyperopic eyeglass wearers.

Accommodative Relief for any Single Vision Wearer

Shamir Relax™ SV Lenses are offered in three variants accurately personalized to the visual requirements of the individual eyeglass wearer: Relax +0.50 (age 18-29), Relax +0.65 (age 30-49) and Relax +0.50 (age 40-45). Each of the 3 versions is meticulously designed to provide SV lens wearers the additional help they need per their age group, for today’s visual habits. The lenses feature an extra bit of power in the lower surface area for maximum visual comfort in the 15-to-27-inches digital display viewing zones. Thus, the Shamir Relax™ makes intermediate and close viewing tasks easier, and specifically helps the wearers to cope with the vision and constant focusing challenges emerging from continuous use of various digital devices.

Conquer Fatigue by Adding Energy to Your Day

Shamir Relax™ provides single vision eyeglass wearers – including those not specifically requiring corrective lenses – with a bit of extra power in its lower area; it’s a small enough amount to provide clear distance vision, and just enough power to alleviate eye strain. Because the power is so slight, Shamir Relax™ single vision lenses are just the perfect choice when it comes to the replacement of your standard single vision lenses. This is a reliable fatigue relief solution without distortion or swim; all wrapped up in a Freeform® design. Also, the Relax™ SV lenses are crafted utilizing EyePoint Technology™ to ensure a more precise and comfortable visual experience.

Who it’s for

If you belong to those people who frequently use their personal computers and require a clear, comfortable vision, the Shamir Relax™ single vision lenses are just what you need! Especially designed for eyeglass wearers experiencing eye strain or end-of-day eye fatigue, these lenses provide dedicated support for comfortable digital handheld devices and computer viewing.

By choosing Shamir Relax™ SV Lenses, you get:

  • Precisely customized SV lens perfect for your active digital lifestyle
  • The broadest possible fields of clear vision
  • Unprecedented support for comfortable computer viewing
  • Greatly reduced eye strain, fatigue, headaches, tearing, and blurry vision