Shamir Autograph® III – SV

Highly Personalized Single Vision Lens in Manhattan, New York


Exceptional Clarity in a High Definition World

No Minimum Fitting Height: Fitting Height Still Required

Natural Posture™

Ergonomic Design Concept


The Near PD Solution

The world around us is becoming more and more digital! Technology has allowed our smartphones, watches, tablets, laptops, and TVs to progress; our gadgets feature the most megapixels, highest resolution and the most cutting-edge tools that connect us quickly and clearly. Did you know the same goes for your Vision? With the Shamir Autograph III® SV Lenses, you get the sharpest and most comfortable eyesight – thanks to innovative features, such as the highest degree of personalization to individual prescriptions, and the most precise matching of the viewing experience with specific choices of frame.

Breakthrough Optical Technologies

Shamir utilizes their most advanced technologies to ensure that their customer’s view of the world is the clearest it can be. Shamir Autograph® III SV incorporates power corrections based on precise measurement of wearers’ individual prescriptions and simulation of their perceived viewing fields. The lenses feature the patented Eye-point Technology III™ that ensures the widest fields of clear vision, and the As-worn Quadro™ technology to guarantee that visual comfort and acuity precisely match the optimal viewing experience determined in doctors’ measurements. Multiplying the design dimensions by four, As-Worn Quadro™ allows Shamir Autograph® III SV to provide four times greater design stability to frame tilt variations in any chosen frame.

The Sharpest, Most Comfortable Visual Experience

Shamir Autograph® III Single Vision Lenses make it possible for any eyeglass wearers with any prescription and frame choice to achieve a clear and comfortable visual experience, while ensuring the most natural viewing postures and accommodating the increasing use of handheld digital devices. Relying on precise measurements and prescriptions, and on simulation of perceived, real-world viewing fields, the Eye-point Technology III™ enables lens designers to achieve precise power profile control, and apply specific power emphasis at different points and vision zones across lens surfaces. In its turn, the As-Worn Technology™ ensures that the wearer’s experience of the prescription, once the lens is fit into the frame, is exactly the same as when originally refracted by the Doctor.

Who it’s for

SHAMIR Autograph® III – SV Lenses are designed for single vision eyeglass wearers demanding premium-quality personalized lenses in any frame of choice. If you’re experiencing difficulty focusing on nearby objects, e.g. reading small print or the text on smartphone screens, or suffering from eyestrain and headaches, these high performance lenses from Shamir are just what you need. Standardized for both myopic (nearsighted) and hyperopic (farsighted) eyeglass wearers, the Autograph® III – SV lenses optimally accommodate any individual prescription. They feature a fully aspheric/atoric back surface and utilize advanced precise measurement- and simulation-based lens personalization technology.