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You’ve probably heard of titanium described as a sort of super material. That’s a fair point! Titanium has unique properties and is used in manufacturing many things, from airplane and spacecraft components to surgical instruments and glasses frames. It is an extremely strong, durable and corrosion-resistant material. Though it’s tough, it remains surprisingly lightweight, which makes it perfect for all types of prescriptions. Featuring a clean and elegant design, titanium frames are an ideal solution for those seeking absolute minimalism. Another excellent advantage is that titanium is not likely to fade compared with other metals, which prolongs its lifespan and appearance.

Titanium frames are also hypoallergenic – an important feature for people who are sensitive to certain metals. Titanium alloys are inert and do not contain cobalt or nickel which most people are allergic to. In short, titanium glasses are very safe to wear; just the perfect mix of comfort and subtlety. At EuroOptica, you’ll find an eclectic collection of high-end titanium sunglasses and optical frames provided by the most respected eyewear brands in the industry, including Lindberg, Barton Perreira, Theo, ProDesign Denmark, Face A Face, Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples. So, whether you prefer round or square, oversized or small spectacles, we have a perfect pair of titanium glasses for your unique taste.

History of Titanium

Titanium was discovered in 1790, when it was isolated from magnetic sand. In a century, the scientists produced pure titanium and uncovered its unique corrosion-free properties: the metal didn’t rust even in seawater. After that, titanium has been used in manufacturing many things, from tennis rackets, golf clubs, and mountain bikes to spacecraft components and surgical instruments. The first pair of titanium glasses was crafted in 1982. Being one of the strongest materials, it allowed for delicate eyewear designs, such as rimless and half-rimmed models. Nowadays, titanium sunglasses and optical frames are the go-to choice for millions of men and women.

As compared with acetate and stainless steel, titanium is one of the lightest and most preferred materials utilized in producing glasses frames. Thus, titanium spectacles can be easily worn with a lot of comfort and relief while running, jogging or playing games. They are just perfect for active and dynamic people who appreciate glasses as elements of their modern image. When it comes to the design, titanium eyewear can be produced in a variety of beautiful colors and shades for a clean, contemporary look with a hint of color. With no maintenance required for these frames, titanium is surely one of the best materials utilized in producing eyewear.

Featured Brands

At EuroOptica, we offer the best titanium glasses frames, perfectly balanced between function and fashion. The extraordinary qualities of titanium combined with the unsurpassed craftsmanship of the world-trusted eyewear brands, mean that we have a perfect pair of titanium sunglasses or eyeglasses to match your unique taste. If you’re seeking absolute minimalism, rely on Lindberg, the renowned Danish manufacturer of the most sophisticated titanium frames. The LINDBERG thintanium collection is the all-new and patent pending range of ultra-thin glasses with a clean and elegant design. The frames are constructed from the slim titanium strips, which gives them a contemporary sleek look that stands out in an understated way.

The Air Titanium and Air Titanium Rim Collections by Lindberg feature the groundbreaking iconic patented spiral hinge. Designed without screws, rivets, and other unnecessary details, the spectacles within the collections are refined, feather light, and ultra-flexible. Make a real statement without compromising comfort with a pair of Lindberg Strip Titanium or Strip3p titanium glasses. Each frame is a fantastic mix of stability and lightness. The individual parts of the frame are laser-cut from thin plates of high-grade titanium and formed to create feather light glasses with an unmatched level of stability. Discover also the Lindberg Horn Titanium and the Fine Wood Titanium Collection for an exquisite mix of natural materials.

Handcrafted of titanium and beta-titanium, Oliver Peoples glasses feature the engraved filigree design offering a timeless, elegant look that will never go out of style! Classic silhouettes feature a unique, vintage-inspired perforated pattern that perfectly balances the modern feel of the titanium piece. Almost all eyeglass models are offered with a sunglass clip, which makes them the best companions ever. FACE A FACE is another eyewear brand that perfectly blends exquisite craftsmanship with premium-grade titanium to create frames that are both extremely stylish and comfortable. After many years of working with titanium and mastering all the skills and techniques for refining it, FACE A FACE is perfect at creating jaw-dropping glasses that are real masterpieces of design and engineering.

When it comes to minimalist titanium frames, ProDesign Denmark is one more Danish eyewear brand to remember. The dynamic silhouettes feature sleek and ergonomic titanium temples to provide a perfect fit for everyone. The ProDesign frames are offered in many color combinations that add personal character to every model. Visit EuroOptica, New York City, to discover our impressive collection of premium-quality titanium glasses. We are proud to be a certified distributor for authentic designer spectacles in Manhattan. Come and take a look around to find a perfect pair of titanium frame glasses. Our professional staff is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your optical and fashion needs.