Lindberg Air Titanium Collection

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    Lindberg Air Titanium

      Lindberg® Air Titanium™ 356

      The collection is crafted in a contemporary design with the LINDBERG DNA to provide excellent functionality and a minimalistic look without any excessive details. The air titanium collection features the signature spiral hinge and offers a wide range of shapes, including oval, round, and square glasses to fit any face type perfectly. Crafted by the most experienced artisans, these ultra-lightweight spectacles have no welded parts and screws. Apart from excellent looks, minimalistic design, and sleek lines, LINDBERG frames have adjustable temples to provide a perfect fit and unmatched comfort even for everyday wearing. Each pair of glasses is offered with different nose pads from medical silicone and has its unique product number. The manufacturer can engrave the wearer’s name on the eyeglasses to make them absolutely unique. 

      Special Features

      Air titanium line features the iconic spiral hinge that appeared as a result of rimless screwless design crafted by LINDBERG and architects Weitling and Dissing. This amazing construction got many design prizes all over the world and it stays as one of the unique designs from a well-known Danish company. Every spectacle from this collection is made from high-quality titanium for maximum durability and comfort.

      LINDBERG offers exceptional glasses for men and women in customizable colors. The air titanium line was introduced in the mid-eighties when ordinary glasses were filled with welded parts and screws. The air titanium rim collection was a pioneer that changed those standards and offered more comfortable and functional eyeglasses from lightweight material.

      Engineers and designers from LINDBERG worked hard on the air titanium collection. They have learned all the needed techniques of mastering titanium, and now, this is one of the best skills integrated into beautiful and elegant collections from LINDBERG. Thanks to titanium, rimless glasses are extremely weightless, ultra-durable, and flexible. As a plus, these are hypoallergenic frames in minimalist design. Every pair of air titanium eyewear weighs only 2.7 grams, and it is the lightest glasses in the world.