Lindberg Fine Wood Collection

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When it comes to innovations in the world of eyewear, the Danish brand LINDBERG has no rivals. The industry-trusted manufacturer pays much attention to cutting-edge techniques and craftsmanship. It digs deep into the materials they use, and pushes them to the limit through design ingenuity and technical development. The LINDBERG Fine Wood Collection is an entirely unique and aesthetic combination of two natural materials: buffalo horn and fine wood. Both have a fascinating structure making each pair of Fine Wood Collection one-of-a-kind.

The Fine Wood spectacles feature the wooden front that gives the designs a deep level of texture and detail. The front is offered in three sorts of wood — padauk, olive, and smoked oak. The back of the frames is crafted from the multilayer buffalo horn, which adds more style and richness. Add super-lightweight titanium temples and you get nothing but the perfect blend of exclusivity, expression and comfort. Each frame within the collection boasts a beautiful, one-of-a-kind design, which is the result of the LINDBERG’s unparalleled craftsmanship paired with distinct natural resources.

Special Features

The rarity of the materials and exclusiveness of the design makes the Fine Wood glasses a luxury eyewear statement. Each piece undergoes a number of hand-crafted processes in the LINDBERG workshop before being masterfully crafted into the exquisite mix of wood, horn and titanium. Being a frontrunner in utilizing the outstanding properties of titanium, LINDBERG upgrades wood&horn frames with ultra-lightweight titanium nose bridge inserts, screwless hinges and temples, making these sophisticated classic glasses easy to adjust, as well as adding ultra-modern design features. The multi-adjustable temples come in different colors and lengths for the outstanding look and fit.

The Fine Wood Collection offers a vast selection of classic and contemporary designs, from evergreen round and rectangular silhouettes to modern panto to square shapes. The one of-a-kind natural colors of the frames fit any skin tone and provide a charming and fashionable look. Every detail of the wood frame is made with meticulous attention to create a perfect accessory for people who appreciate unique, premium-class eyeglasses to emphasize their status and an exquisite sense of style. Rely on Fine Wood spectacles from LINDBERG to create captivating impressions.

Oak Frames - Preserved by Nature – Designed by LINDBERG

To create standout oak spectacles, LINDBERG has explored the possibilities of bringing nature’s own history into amazing eyewear designs. Handcrafted from the 6000+ year old log found in 1950 on the Danish island Møn, the frames feature the perfect blend of expression, exclusivity and comfort. The preserving properties of the bog have aged the fine wood in a unique way, giving it the dark color that takes millennia to develop. The oak wood is a 100% natural material with numerous benefits, such as being ultra-lightweight, hypoallergenic and extremely flexible. Being a luxury and unique eyewear, these spectacles are guaranteed to make their wearer stand out from the rest!

Be Your Own Icon with LINDBERG

What does it mean to be iconic? Be bold. Be confident. Be unique. The right accessory can separate the individual from the crowd and elevate the style from regular to iconic. The LINDBERG Fine Wood eyeglasses are handcrafted by the best Danish artisans to deliver a one-of-a-kind look that makes a statement. Bold dark fronts and classic shapes give a strong expression while still complementing the wearer’s facial features. The unique combination of buffalo horn, fine wood and titanium, with each material enhancing the remarkable beauty of the other, results in unmatched functionality, precise fit and unparalleled comfort. Find your own perfect fit and explore even more possibilities by visiting EuroOptica, a certified retailer of authentic LINDBERG glasses in Manhattan, New York.