Prodesign Denmark™ Eyewear

Specialized Distributor of Authentic ProDesign Denmark Glasses in Manhattan, NYC

Trust and honesty are the core values of Danish culture and society. The Danes are used to trusting one another, whether it comes to personal relationships or business. Being a 100% Danish brand, ProDesign stays true to its heritage, bringing the uninhibited spirit of Danish lifestyle values to the global eyewear market. Since its foundation in 1973, the company has been creating authentic glasses with the focus on unrivalled craftsmanship, clean design and superior functionality. Nowadays, after nearly 50 years in the industry, ProDesign continues to unveil innovative and dynamic eyewear concepts that perfectly combine functionality and visual aesthetics.

ProDesign belongs to the Design Eyewear Group, a global corporation that houses 6 iconic eyewear brands, such as FACE A FACE, Nifties, WOOW, Inface, Kilsgaard, and ProDesign. The unique ability to combine functional strength with lightness of form is what makes ProDesign stand out from other eyewear manufacturers. The most talented artisans successfully embody these qualities in outstanding eyewear collections, creating a minimalistic and ultra-modern look, which is unmistakably Danish. The company is constantly coming up with cutting-edge approaches to the design and production of glasses.


Danish design is distinguished for its clean and refined lines, unrivalled quality and the unique ability to be durable and lightweight at the same time. ProDesign sunglasses and optical frames boast of all those features, plus they come in an array of fresh and funky styles, so much appreciated by millions of voguish men and women all around the globe. The main goal of the brand is to create eyewear that will ensure a perfect synergy between the wearer’s face and the frame ensuring that the two come together in a harmonic and eye-catching look.

ProDesign glasses are brought to life with flawless high precision and traditionally fine craftsmanship. Every pair of glasses highlights the seamless merging of function and form, featuring bold and vibrant aesthetic characteristics combined with premium-quality materials and outstanding comfort. The range of feminine and masculine models offers evergreen shapes upgraded with modern details that set them apart and give them that little extra cutting edge or unique pop of whimsy. Soft yet bright colors and clean geometry of the ProDesign frames are inspired by Nordic nature and pay homage to the Danish design heritage.


ProDesign was originally founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 1973 by Jorgen Vesterby, and has quickly gained a reputation of an ambitious eyewear brand creating modern and exquisite glasses that are comfortable to wear. Through the years, the company has stayed true to its Danish origins and its emphasis on clean and functional design built on unrivalled craftsmanship. In 2000, ProDesign was acquired by the Design Eyewear Group and underwent an organizational restructure. Today, it is a brand with a growing position in the industry, which is a result of its innate ability to quickly recognize and pick up trends.

ProDesign Denmark loves its heritage and stays true to who they are by the continued use of their most popular signature hinges and metal combinations together with new groundbreaking solutions. Comfortable yet ultra-stylish glasses come in retro shapes with modern sensibilities and are offered in an amazing range of bold colors. Also, the manufacturer likes to play with matte surface treatments in order to create timeless, but on-point looks. Today, after more than 45 years in the industry, ProDesign continues to surprise with its innovative designs and consistent high quality.