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LINDBERG™ Eyeglasses

LINDBERG is a world-renowned Danish eyewear manufacturer, trusted all over the globe for its innovative and high-quality glasses. The company plays an important role in the global eyewear market and maintains the leading position among the design-oriented top-quality eyewear brands. Today, its optical frames and sunglasses can be found in 138 countries worldwide at the most trusted optical stores. At EuroOptika™, we are very proud to be an Authorized Dealer and officially sell the LINDBERG product lines. Currently, the manufacturer offers over a dozen of amazing eyewear collections, different in style yet all highly reliable and decidedly elegant.

The LINDBERG Precious collection is one of the much-talked-of eyewear lines in the world! It includes precious frames, which are meticulously crafted from 18-carat (750) Greenlandic yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, or black gold as well as platinum (950), and can be incrusted in the highest quality Top Wesselton VVS diamonds. Also, the Precious collection offers opulent frames with one-of-a-kind natural horn temples masterfully crafted from water buffalo horn. The temples come with platinum or gold inlays and are connected with a sophisticated frame constructed from gold wire in the hinge and frame front. Each model of the unique collection is hand-crafted and individually designed to perfectly fit the wearer’s face.


LINDBERG is a globally known manufacturer of exceptional quality eyeglasses and sunglasses, whose unique mindset is reflected in everything they do. It is an impeccable blend of innovative patented technologies, meticulous attention to every detail and individual craftsmanship that makes their designs so unique and outstanding. Being a Danish family-owned company, it is steeped in traditions and heritage, striving for maintaining a discreet, classic elegance and sophisticated simplicity. Every frame is crafted from the highest-grade materials to ensure exceptional reliability and provide a remarkable visual impact.

To create its iconic designs, LINDBERG utilizes only the highest quality materials selected for their superior strength and timeless elegance. These exclusive materials include acetate, platinum, titanium, gold, and even diamonds. Some models also come in head-turning natural animal horn. The latest technical innovations in combination with masterfully designed and crafted details have revolutionized contemporary eyewear. The manufacturer got rid of everything that is not crucial – its glasses do not contain any rivets, screws and welds, which made them highly strong and flexible, yet still lightweight and incredibly comfortable.


LINDBERG has turned the world of eyewear upside down since its first collection of high-end Air Titanium eyewear has seen the world in Aarhus, Denmark, in 1986. The company was founded in 1969 by Poul-Jørn Lindberg, an optician who was tremendously disappointed by those bulky frames that were popular at that time. In his striving to create a lightweight and elegant eyewear, Poul-Jørn partnered with architect Hans Dissing and established the Lindberg Optic Design House in 1984. Two years later, the company has launched its revolutionary Air Titanium eyewear, which has won several of prestigious design awards. The innovative glasses featured uniquely-styled frames crafted from a thin titanium wire. The collection was the embodiment of Mr. Lindberg’s ideals of elegant and minimalistic design.

Nowadays, it is an internationally known eyewear empire, trusted for its unique high-end spectacles and sunglasses. Each pair of glasses is a real masterpiece, especially designed to meet the strictest needs of opticians and consumers around the globe. Currently, LINDBERG offers more than a dozen of unique eyewear collections available in exclusive materials. The 2017 year was especially resonant for the brand due to the creation of the most successful collections in the history of the company, resulted in a number of international design awards up to a total of 90. Such a deep dedication to impeccable craftsmanship and technical innovations has led LINDBERG to become one of the most trusted and most luxurious eyewear manufacturers currently available today.