LINDBERG Eyewear – 100% Kids-Friendly

LINDBERG Kids Eyeglasses

The renowned Danish eyewear manufacturer LINDBERG is trusted all over the globe for its unbeatable craftsmanship. It successfully blends a no-compromise attention to detail, patented cutting-edge technologies and Danish design tradition to create one-of-a-kind sunglasses and optical frames. LINDBERG eyewear designs have won dozens of prestigious awards. The manufacturer has pushed the possibilities of titanium to new heights by creating what is probably the thinnest and most lightweight titanium eyewear collection in the world. 

Ophus-70 Eyeglasses from LINDBERG Kids’ and Teens’ Collection

LINDBERG Titanium Frames for Kids – Ophus-70​​

It is extremely important to LINDBERG that their glasses suit the wearer’s needs, especially when they are kids. For the kid/teen eyewear collection, the manufacturer has revisited its adult collections and selected the models most suitable for children, so that they look like a natural part of the child’s face. Crafted from the highest grade materials, such as titanium, acetate and platinum, the frames for kids are ultra-lightweight, extremely durable, highly flexible and hypoallergenic. By combining all these features, LINDBERG glasses are like no others. They are both functional and stylish and perfectly highlight the cuteness of the child’s face. 

Sofus -U9 frame from LINDBERG

This year, Ray-Ban launched the second chapter of the “You’re On” campaign by releasing two new styles: the State Street and Nomad. The latter style is an iconic design from the 80s that has made its comeback in an optical form. Featuring a distinctive square shape and extra curved end pieces, Nomad glasses pay homage to the rock and film industry. Offered in classic black, Tortoise and striped colors, the spectacles create a cool and edgy look. 

Sophus – P60 Optical Frame for Kids​​

Our kids are lively and active during the day, whether they are playing with friends or practicing sports. If you ask your munchkin what kind of glasses he or she wants to have, the answer would probably be Cool. Kids do not have to settle for less. All LINDBERG designs come in an amazing selection of colors, from the understated silk matt grey tones to fun and playful bright colors. Kids’/teens’ glasses should look good and feel good, too. 

1505 – AG08 Kids Eyeglasses from LINDBERG​​
1505 – AI09 Optical Frame for Kids​​

Great design does not mean that you have to compromise when it comes to comfort. Children take their glasses on and off a million times a day. Therefore, the lightness, flexibility, and durability are must-have features for kids’ glasses. Another essential aspect is the hypoallergenic quality of the LINDBERG frames. They are a unique blend of high-quality materials and outstanding design. Every pair of glasses is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and exquisite craftsmanship. To highlight the handcrafted nature of their spectacles, all pieces are bestowed a unique product number. 

Skye – K191/GT Kids Eyeglasses from LINDBERG​​
Skye – K223/60 Optical Frame for Kids and Teens​​

Every child is a personality with her/his feelings, emotions and requirements. With the LINDBERG kids collection your little one will always be able to pick any model in their favorite color(s), choose between different nose pads, front sizes and temple lengths and get a frame, which is one of a kind – just like your kid. Moreover, since each pair of glasses is made-to-order, it is engraved with the owner’s name, which makes it truly unique and outstanding. 

Camilla – K209/P10 Eyeglasses from LINDBERG Kids’ and Teens’ Collection

Camilla – K229/GT Optical Frame for kids​​

We, at EuroOptica, are very proud to be an authorized distributor for authentic LINDBERG eyewear in Manhattan, New York. Welcome to our optical boutique at 280 Columbus Ave and see the top-notch LINDBERG glasses with your own eyes.