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We offer most advanced Optical lens technologies by: Zeiss shamir essilor
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Pit Sunglasses by Gotti. Color: Gold Brushed / Forest, Size: 62-11-145. Introducing Pit frames from Gotti showcase a perfect marriage of modern design and functionality. These glasses feature a bold and angular silhouette, adding a touch of edginess to your eyewear collection. Gotti's Pit frames are a bold choice for those who appreciate eyewear that stands out while maintaining a comfortable fit for everyday wear.

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Made in Switzerland


“For me, designing glasses is a fascinating and challenging labor of love I gladly devote my experience to”, - SVEN GÖTTI


Since the company’s foundation in 1998, its focus has been on innovation, quality, and sustainability. Frame styles created with that in mind are designed under the leadership of Sven Götti in Switzerland. An unmistakable minimalist and harmonious design language is the distinguishing common thread throughout the collection.


Each Götti frame is characterized by utmost technical precision and a refined aesthetic. Crafted utilizing cutting-edge techniques, the glasses consist of only a few individual pieces which join together to form a seamless entity entirely free of traditional connection methods. The result: A customizable system with virtually limitless possibilities due to its uncomplicated design.


A unique characteristic of every Götti acetate frame is the masterly hand polishing. It requires great attention to detail, experience, and skill. As a first step, a computer-controlled machine mills the acetate sheets. After numerous finishing stages, the single frame components are polished for several days in a wooden drum, which lends a gleaming shimmer and soft edges. 

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