Rodenstock® Eyeglass Lenses

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The Rodenstock Quality Promise

A Leading Innovator in the Area of Ophthalmic Optics
A guarantee of optimal vision and a perfect look

Over 500 patents and patent applications worldwide for innovations in spectacle lenses, frames and other optical products

Leading in the world of vision for more than 140 years, the Rodenstock Company has gained a valuable reputation for providing top-quality ophthalmic lenses and frames

The decades of intensive research, fine craftsmanship, precise cutting and innovative technology result in more than 50 award-winning designs

The Rodenstock’s core values are focused on maximum precision and hand-made premium quality that is developed in Germany. That is because it is primarily the high standard of German engineering skill that makes each one of their lenses and frames a unique masterpiece. The company always thinks ahead, trying to be better and never be content. To ensure exceptional wearing comfort, the manufacturer utilizes only the highest-grade materials and cutting-edge technologies combined with an elegant and traditional, as well as contemporary and stylish, design. We, at EuroOptica, are very proud to be an official representative of innovative Rodenstock Spectacle Lenses in Manhattan, New York.

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Why Rodenstock?

Rodenstock is the only manufacturer to offer the System of Better Vision, which is a combination of high-precision lenses and perfectly matched frames that let the wearers exploit 100% of their vision potential. The company has 40 years of experience in the development of phototropic lenses and offers a comprehensive portfolio of self-tinting lenses (such as the innovative self-tinting ColorMatic IQ® Sun 2 lens) and high-end protective finishes. With customized lenses from Rodenstock your eyes immediately feel comfortable. Compared to traditional lenses, you have clearer and sharper contrast vision, particularly at twilight. In brief: by choosing Rodenstock, you will get a new, unprecedented visual feeling!

Brand spectacles from Rodenstock

Rodenstock is a leading producer of advanced progressive lenses, based on the latest innovations and backed up by the highest quality assurance standards.

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