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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Many problems with vision and eyes have no certain symptoms or signs, so it is important to have periodic examinations as a part of preventive health care. Remember that preventing vision loss with regular checking is simpler than treating serious problems. A comprehensive eye exam is a good method to ensure that your eyes are functioning well, so your vision is perfect. Eye care specialists recommend having a complete eye examination every two years to prevent various eye problems and find the best fitting eyeglasses or lenses or replace your current glasses if the vision correction is needed.

In our optical store EuroOptica, at 280 Columbus Ave, Manhattan, New York, we offer our clients to conduct detailed and precise eye exams to evaluate their eye’s health and check their eyesight. These quick and easy procedures and tests will help you to define your vision correction needs and get the best glasses to fit perfectly. We will provide you with precise results and give clear recommendations on how to improve your eye health. With our experienced optical store consultants, we guarantee to help you in selecting a pair of eyewear to fit your vision needs, goals, and style.


What does an eye exam include?

An eye exam contains a series of special procedures and tests to examine your eyes, plus evaluate the quality of vision and eye health. Our specialists conduct many different tests, ranging from simple ones, for example, reading an eye chart, to more complex tasks, such as checking the tissues inside your eyes with a powerful lens. We offer a comprehensive eye examination for adults that includes:

  • Patient’s personal or family health history to get the full anamnesis of ocular disease
  • Visual acuity testing with reading charts at a distance and near
  • Preliminary tests to define the response of the pupils to light, color vision, side vision, and depth perception
  • Evaluation of refractive status to determine the focusing power of eyes (this procedure helps to determine astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness)
  • Eye teaming, eye focusing, and eye movement tests to check out if both eyes work together well
  • Evaluation of eye health discovering all its structures and tissues
  • Additional procedures as needed

Our Advantages

The person’s overall vision status and eye health can be evaluated using several special tests and procedures that should be conducted by only a skilled ophthalmologist or a doctor of optometry. These specialists need to pass through specialized training to make the right diagnosis and prescribe treatment properly. If you need to buy new prescription glasses or lenses, we have all the needed professionals and equipment to exam your eyes. Here are the main advantages you can get with us:

  • Our store has experienced and qualified experts in ophthalmology who can conduct a comprehensive eye exam
  • Skilled specialists check the results twice to confirm or rule out any problem with vision or eye disease
  • After eye examination, every customer can choose from a wide assortment of eyeglasses from well-known brands
  • We can help to select the most suitable eyewear that will satisfy your vision needs as well as fit your style and taste
  • Clients’ health is our main priority, so we do our best to help people see better with a new pair of suitable glasses or contact lenses.