New Collaborative Collection from Mercedes-Benz & ic! Berlin

Collaborative Collection from Mercedes-Benz & ic! Berlin

After a successful collaboration with Mercedes-Benz in 2020, ic! berlin unveils new performance-oriented capsule collection of sunglasses for summer 2021. Two global-trusted German brands join forces again to create high-performance shades with progressive and super stylish design.


The “New Dawn” collection includes 5 stunning sunglasses for both men and women, beautifully handcrafted in the specially designed manufactory from the highest-grade stainless steel that is the core of the brand’s DNA. Each frame from the collection features exceptional durability and flexibility, ensuring a perfect fit and optimum comfort. The sunglasses are an opulent mix of a pure, sophisticated design from ic! berlin and the daring, avant-garde Mercedes-Benz driving experience.


ic! berlin AMG 02 Sunglasses – view all details​​
AMG 02 in Yellow Bridge-Gun-Metal​​

The vehicles’ design language was successfully converted into eye-catching sunwear pieces, divided into two series: the “Mercedes-Benz” (MB 04, MB 05, MB 06 and MB Shield 02) and the “AMG” (AMG 02). Both product series dazzle with refined yet bold accents of the current Mercedes-Benz color palette and sporty lens shapes. Traditionally, the showpiece of the collection is a futuristic mono-lens rectangular frame, called the “MB Shield 02,” inspired by the Mercedes-Benz AVTR concept car. For the extra iconic staging, these sunglasses are available with a playful patterned lens. 

ic!berlin MB Shield 02 Sunglasses​​
MB Shield 02 in Electric-Light-Blue​​

The MB 04 and MB 05 are bold, masculine sunglasses that feature a thin metal square frame decorated with bright colorful accents. Modern and subtle, these shades are just perfect for those men who like daring and risky looks. 

ic! berlin MB 04 Sunglasses – Mercedes-Benz Capsule Collection​​
ic! berlin MB 05 Sunglasses – Mercedes-Benz Capsule Collection​​

The MB 06 are oversized metal sunglasses with bold lines and character. Especially designed for women, this butterfly-shaped frame provides a powerful fashion statement that combines pure aesthetics with precision performance. For the extra portion of power, all sunwear pieces are equipped with high-performance ZEISS lenses. 

ic! berlin MB 06 Sunglasses – view all details​​
MB 06 in Aubergine​​

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