“Sensual Clarity” from ic! berlin & Mercedes-Benz Capsule Collection

Mercedes Benz Capsule Collection

What happens when two professional and global-trusted brands meet together and find out that they speak the same design language? That’s right! The performance-oriented capsule collection of modern sunglasses.


That is what happened when ic! berlin and Mercedes-Benz have met at Stuttgart and decided to create 5 unique sunglasses designs inspired by the iconic Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The showpiece of the unveiled collection is a fantastic blue mono-lens frame, called the “MB Shield.” It embodies the intelligence, creative power and innovative design of Mercedes-Benz. To ensure a modern, sleek effect, the designers blended a futuristic mono lens with a thin stainless steel frame.


The Mercedes-Benz Classic line includes three pairs of sunglasses: the MB 01 and MB 03 feature a modern masculine style, and the MB 02 has a totally feminine design. The first two models of the line are square-shaped glasses with thin metal double bridge frame, while the MB 02 is the timeless pilot sunglasses with rounder lens and more sophisticated lines. All three farmes come with combined soft-touch rubber and metal temples and are decorated with the iconic Mercedes-Benz star.


The last but not least model from the collection is AMG 01 sunglasses, which are must-haves for AMG fans. The sporty frame features an exclusive ribbed construction of the bridge, inspired by the Mercedes-AMG radiator grille, as well as striking color accents in red or white branded with the AMG logo.


This impressive capsule collection demonstrates how two iconic German brands, ic! berlin & Mercedes-Benz, found each other through the “sensual clarity” philosophy, further expressed in head-turning styles – from refined to classic and from sporty to casual. Come along and join the ride!