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Eyewear couture are the perfect two words to describe the famous Belgium eyewear brand HENAU. They create trendy glasses that blend advanced optical functionality with modern and innovative design. The company’s core principle is to craft a perfect eyewear without compromising on comfort, reliability, and look. Pure craft based on tradition with a touch of uniqueness is what makes this brand stay at the forefront of the industry for more than 30 years. Its success is the result of a longstanding and strong friendship of two inspired opticians, Michel Henau and Marc Delagrange, whose passion for creating outstanding frames has turned into a global business.

The designers have always followed a logical principle: since spectacles are the first thing people see when they meet someone, why not make these accessories eye-catching and instantly memorable. That is why, HENAU showcases glasses as haute couture: objects d’art without compromising on comfort and functionality. Especially designed for enthusiasts who are in love with beautiful shapes and structure, HENAU glasses feature a modern look that oozes timelessness. Each pair represents a unique identity: refined and intelligent, distinctive and meaningful. Welcome to EuroOptika in Manhattan to enjoy the live demonstration of these groundbreaking glasses.


Nowadays, glasses have become an absolute must-have for any fashion-forward man or woman, since they perfectly express their wearer’s character and personality. HENAU is famous for its original, hand-drawn designs that always remain trendy. Each pair of glasses is crafted from premium quality acetate or titanium with utilizing latest technologies and a keen eye for the tiniest detail. As a result, the stylish and reliable eyewear is created: sophisticated geometric forms, bold colors, elegant elements. Each frame in itself is an artistic object. Such a comprehensive approach allowed the company to gain trust and recognition all over the globe: today HENAU eyewear is sold in over 30 countries.

Even though the brand boasts an international allure, its home base is Belgium. HENAU continuously strives to honor the authentic craftsmanship, enriching the glasses portfolio with its own avant-garde designs, full of charm and character. Still, to guarantee the utmost quality of their products, the manufacturer opts for knowhow without borders, trusting the assembly to the expertise of specialists in Japan and France. The HENAU designers do not shy away from unconventional views nor technological innovation. The main goal of the manufacturer is to create eyewear that would perfectly fit any face, preferences or character.


HENAU is a world-renowned eyewear brand, which is the result of the hard work of two spirited opticians, Marc Delagrange and Michel Henau. Being art-minded soul-mates, the designers shared the same principles and values while creating their high-end frames: each pair of glasses should be made from the highest grade materials and be full of modern purity and sophistication. At the end of the 90s, Marc Delagrange along with his wife presided over the MICHEL HENAU eyewear collection. The main driving force that influenced Marc’s decision to design frames himself was the fact that there were only a few pairs of glasses on the market which matched his vision of the concept of eyewear.

The first HENAU collection designed by Marc Delagrange was presented at Silmo 2000 and included hand-made frames in a limited edition. The new eyewear models were enthusiastically met and followed pretty quickly. These were outstanding glasses that featured a perfect symbiosis between beautiful construction, superior functionality and ultimate quality, providing a sober and timeless result. In the meantime, Mr. Delagrange has designed over 80 frames, which have set the standard in the eyewear industry. Today, HENAU glasses are sold worldwide in more than 30 countries and symbolize both timeless tradition and contemporary design.