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    Oliver Peoples

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      Oliver Peoples® Exton OV5399SU 157653 55 - Dark Military Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples Exton - Dark Military
      Oliver Peoples® Exton
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      Oliver Peoples® Piercy OV1281 5145 48 - Gold Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Piercy OV1281 5284 48 - Antique Gold Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Piercy
      Oliver Peoples® Rishell OV5415U 1682 51 - Dark Lilac Vsb Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples Rishell - Dark Lilac Vsb
      Oliver Peoples® Rishell
      Oliver Peoples® Desmon OV5454U 1003 48 - Cocobolo Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Desmon OV5454U 1003 50 - Cocobolo Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Desmon
      from $428.00
      Oliver Peoples® Sheldrake 1950 OV5471SU 10053R 47 - Black Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Sheldrake 1950 OV5471SU 100957 47 - 362 Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Sheldrake 1950
      Oliver Peoples® Justyna OV1279 5037 54 - Rose Gold/Burgundy Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Justyna OV1279 5295 54 - Gold/Tortoise Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Justyna
      from $398.00
      Oliver Peoples® Laiya OV5452SU 1690K3 55 - Merlot Smoke Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Laiya OV5452SU 170287 55 - Blue Dusk Vsb Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Laiya
      from $416.00
      Oliver Peoples® Martineaux OV5450SU 170152 49 - Ytb Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Martineaux OV5450SU 1005P4 49 - Black Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Martineaux
      from $482.00
      Sold Out
      Oliver Peoples® Eldon OV5390D 1005 48 - Black Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Eldon OV5390D 1007 48 - Dark Tortoise Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Eldon
      Oliver Peoples® Casian OV5444SU 100587 54 - Black Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Casian OV5444SU 11326I 54 - Workman Grey Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Casian
      from $446.00
      Oliver Peoples® Melery OV5442SU 16408E 54 - Washed Sage Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Melery OV5442SU 100581 54 - Black Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Melery
      Oliver Peoples® Eduardo-R OV5483U 1005 48 - Black Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Eduardo-R OV5483U 1589 48 - Dtb/Beige Silk Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Eduardo-R
      Oliver Peoples® Zarene OV5420SU 100383 55 - Cocobolo Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Zarene OV5420SU 100581 55 - Black Sunglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Zarene
      from $475.00
      Oliver Peoples® Londell OV5466U 1003 44 - Cocobolo Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Londell OV5466U 1011 44 - Raintree Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Londell
      Oliver Peoples® Artemio OV1302 5036 48 - Silver/Taupe Tortoise Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Artemio OV1302 5062 48 - Matte Black/Dtb Tortoise Eyeglasses
      Oliver Peoples® Artemio

      Oliver Peoples is a heritage brand that was born in the very heart of West Hollywood, California. Fulfilled with the unique and ingenious spirit of Los Angeles, the OP creations are bold but elegant, vintage-inspired but contemporary, sophisticated but extremely durable. From the humble beginning, the company has had a deep passion for high-end products that feature both a timeless design and innovative construction. Inspired by the fast-moving Southern California lifestyle with all its fashion, music, and art, Oliver Peoples eyewear is full of vintage aesthetics that influenced the very first collections and that still remains at the heart of the brand.

      Oliver Peoples is not all about design and look; it is an optical company foremost. Its distinctive eyewear designs are constructed from the highest-grade materials, unmatched in quality and durability. To highlight the beauty of each frame, the manufacturer offers glasses with no discernible logo that appeal to tastemakers striving to make a statement without advertising it. So, if you’re a genuine intellectual with a modern sense of fashion, who appreciates quality and functionality without sacrificing striking style, these glasses are designed for you. To choose from the greatest selection of eye-catching designs, visit EuroOptica, the authorized distributor of Oliver Peoples eyewear. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave) to choose top-rated glasses for your needs.


      Oliver Peoples glasses are the choice of many Hollywood celebrities, including Robert Downey Jr., Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Bruce Willis, Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt, Beyoncé, just to name a few. So, what’s the secret, you may ask? Everything genius is simple. Each product is designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, combining and sculpting the materials to create a balanced and exquisite final piece. The frames are delicately polished and assembled, utilizing both cutting-edge machinery and the professional human touch. The result is one-of-a-kind, sophisticated and reliable glasses with unique style and subtle detailing.

      When it comes to prescription glasses, you’ll hardly find anything more efficient and quality than Oliver Peoples spectacles. Combining optimum elements with decades of technical expertise, the manufacturer creates glass lenses intended to provide the ultimate visual experience. Its Proprietary Crystal lenses are crafted from superior glass by utilizing the most innovative technologies for the best vision possible. In combination with iconic frames, you get nothing but a perfect symbiosis of elegance, fashion and functionality. With this new product offering, the company unites the retro aesthetic with creative design and innovative technology.


      Oliver Peoples is a world-famous American eyewear brand founded in 1987 with the opening of its first boutique on iconic Sunset Blvd, in West Hollywood, CA. The company’s first collections were inspired by vintage glasses bought at an estate auction by the founders of the brand in the late 1980’s. The first frames featured a classic, subtle design and came available in a range of natural tortoise shell hues with discreet branding and elegant details. In a short while, the featured stories and fashion editorial spreads emphasizing Oliver Peoples glasses begin appearing in the most popular fashion magazines around the world.

      In 1989, the company opened its first flagship store in Japan. In 1994, Oliver Peoples announced a licensing agreement with a renowned British designer Paul Smith to create designs for his eyewear collection. During the next 2 years, the company opened its boutiques in Soho and on Madison Avenue, NY. Today, Oliver Peoples has over a dozen flagship eyewear boutiques around the globe. From the very beginning, the manufacturer had a passion for exceptional products, a signature culture rooted in California, and an obsession with quality service. These core values have always been at the heart of the brand and endure nowadays.