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      If you belong to those people who live an active life and can’t live without glasses, you probably know how embarrassing it can be to take several pairs with you everywhere you go. If optical glasses, shades, reading (or computer) spectacles are all part of your everyday life, the MøF titanium frames from LINDBERG is an ingenious all-in-one solution. When it comes to innovations in the world of eyewear, the Danish brand has no rivals. The industry-trusted manufacturer pays much attention to cutting-edge techniques and craftsmanship.

      Standing for Multiple Functions, the MøF collection is a ground-breaking eyewear concept that offers many advantages to the wearer. With an award-winning interchangeable lens and inner-rim system, this unique design takes eyewear to the next level by allowing you to easily change your lenses adjusting to any conditions on the go. With the MøF titanium glasses, you only need one frame wherever you go. Change lenses in one frame to get the same perfect fit and comfort for any activity, from reading and working at the computer to running and sunbathing. It means no more annoying changing to heavy shades or old reading frames!

      Special Features

      Every pair of MøF glasses features a titanium frame and temples that are masterfully crafted from the LINDBERG signature high-end titanium. This incredible natural material makes MøF glasses extremely durable, flexible and lightweight pieces. Another important feature is the hypoallergenic nature of titanium, which makes these frames an ideal solution for sensitive skinned kids. Using a snap-in/snap-out lens system that is as easy as 123, you can instantly convert the MøF titanium frame to meet your specific optical or styling needs, seamlessly shifting between different activities.

      All innovative MøF titanium designs have the patented screwless hinge, the exclusive feature of all LINDBERG glasses. The Danish manufacturer has made it possible to mount the delicate frame components without any use of adhesives, screws or other mechanical mounting techniques. This feat of clever engineering eliminates the bulky material found in similar designs. The award-winning technology results in maximum visual effect with a bare minimum of material.


      The LINDBERG MøF titanium glasses come with one pair of lenses and are accompanied by a hard case for traveling. Additional lenses including a soft pocket wallet are offered as an option to meet the wearer’s needs. Since the inner rims of the MøF models are made of acetate, there is a huge selection of standout colors for an expressive, ultra-modern look. The acetate inner rims can be paired with the lenses of your choice. Additionally, different temple lengths give you glasses that fit your face perfectly, guaranteeing all-day comfort.


      Like all LINDBERG eyewear collections, the MøF titanium glasses are highly adjustable, which makes them the most comfortable spectacles in the world. The frames are designed to fit any face shape: the wearer can adjust temple ends following their needs and customize the length of the temples for a precision fit. You also have the option of choosing between different multi-adjustable ergonomic nose pads made from suitable material like medical silicone. Also, the manufacturer can engrave the wearer’s name on the glasses to make them absolutely unique. Enjoy an active life with Multi-Functional Titanium Glasses from LINDBERG! Visit EuroOptica, New York, for your sun and optical eyewear all-in-one.