Lafont™ Eyewear

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      Lafont® JULIETTE LF JULIETTE 3163 49 - Blue 3163 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® JULIETTE LF JULIETTE 1083 49 - Black 1083 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® JULIETTE
      Lafont® REGARD LF REGARD 3132 49 - Blue 3132 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® REGARD LF REGARD 4047 49 - Green 4047 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® REGARD
      Lafont® HOLLYWOOD LF HOLLYWOOD 3163P 51 - Blue 3163P Sunglasses
      Lafont® HOLLYWOOD LF HOLLYWOOD 1083P 51 - Black 1083P Sunglasses
      Lafont® HOLLYWOOD
      Lafont® GENIE ENF LF GENIE ENF 3135 46 - Blue 3135 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® GENIE ENF LF GENIE ENF 2050 46 - Grey 2050 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® GENIE ENF
      Lafont® LOLA LF LOLA 3736 50 - Brown 3736 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® LOLA LF LOLA 1517 50 - Golden 1517 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® LOLA
      Lafont® JUNGLE LF JUNGLE 5173E 45 - Brown 5173E Eyeglasses
      Lafont® JUNGLE LF JUNGLE 5175E 45 - Brown 5175E Eyeglasses
      Lafont® JUNGLE
      Lafont® INOUIE LF INOUIE 100 53 - Black 100 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® INOUIE LF INOUIE 5171 53 - Blue 5171 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® INOUIE
      Lafont® GLAMOUR LF GLAMOUR 3510 49 - Blue 3510 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® GLAMOUR LF GLAMOUR 6506 49 - Black 6506 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® GLAMOUR
      from $520.00
      Lafont® TOBOGAN LF TOBOGAN 3153 42 - Blue 3153 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® TOBOGAN LF TOBOGAN 3154 44 - Blue 3154 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® TOBOGAN
      Lafont® LUNE LF LUNE 1519 51 - Black 1519 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® LUNE LF LUNE 3742 51 - Blue 3742 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® LUNE
      Lafont® EXTRA LF EXTRA 1063 47 - Black 1063 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® EXTRA LF EXTRA 7130 47 - Blue 7130 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® EXTRA
      Lafont® TRIANON LF TRIANON 181 50 - Black 181 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® TRIANON LF TRIANON 3080 50 - Blue 3080 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® TRIANON
      Lafont® TALENT LF TALENT 880 45 - Brown 880 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® TALENT LF TALENT 006 45 - Golden 006 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® TALENT
      Lafont® LESSON LF LESSON 3168 48 - Blue 3168 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® LESSON LF LESSON 3174 48 - Horn 3174 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® LESSON
      Lafont® JUJU_INSERT LF JUJU INSERT 3731 49 - Golden 3731 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® JUJU_INSERT LF JUJU INSERT 4508 49 - Golden 4508 Eyeglasses
      Lafont® JUJU_INSERT

      Lafont is a celebrated and trustworthy French eyewear manufacturer boasting over ninety years of professional experience. Its deep expertise in designing and crafting high-end glasses along with a strong emphasis on refinement and Parisian chic have made the brand one of the most iconic in the industry. The company is proud of its unique family values and traditions resonating throughout the business. Embodying French Flair, Lafont frames are synonymous with good taste and exceptional quality. They feature a perfect balance between alluring design and cutting-edge technology, along with harmony of colors and textures.

      The illustrious brand offers various outstanding eyewear collections that all have one thing in common: a somewhat rebellious and modern touch of elegance. To provide both style and comfort in daily use, Lafont glasses are made from innovative mix-and-match materials: tartan or Liberty print fabrics inserted between two layers of top-grade acetate, panther designs, horn and tortoise shell. The frames are available in over 200 style and color combinations for men, women, and kids. A rich heritage of French culture and lighthearted taste is seen through each and every pair of Lafont spectacles carefully crafted in the workshops of Jura.


      Lafont eyewear is designed to surprise and gladden the wearer’s eye with effortless luxury and chic. Intriguing designs, extravagant patterns and bold colors are combined to satisfy the most sophisticated fashionista. With each frame 100% made in France, The House of Lafont has earned the OFG Label (France Origin Guarantee), delivered by Bureau Veritas. The Certification makes the brand stand out from the competition and solidifies its position as a core French eyewear industry player. We, at EuroOptika, are extremely proud to be an authorized dealer in NYC for opulent Lafont glasses. We’re waiting for you at our eyewear shop to help you pick up the perfect pair.

      The brand’s commitment to impeccable quality and timeless design are now sought after by customers not only in France but around the globe. Lafont won multiple international awards, including The Best Sunglasses of the Year in 2006 in Paris, Best Women Eyewear of the Year in Tokyo in 2006, and The Best Kids Eyewear of the Year in 2000 and 2007 at the Silmo in Paris. The latest award-winning design is the new HUGO frame for kids, which has demonstrated the brand’s excellence in pediatric optics. The design has won the 2020 Silmo d’Or award for its extremely comfortable, ergonomic construction, which makes it perfect for young eyeglass wearers.


      Lafont is much more than just another eyewear brand striving for world recognition; it is 4 generations in the optical business from 1923, the iconic name synonymous with Parisian elegance and chic. Featuring almost a century of experience in the industry, the manufacturer creates eyewear that combines a modern, eye-catching design with the latest technology. For over 40 years Lafont has manufactured its products in the Jura region of France, in close collaboration with the Thierry Company. Nowadays, 85% of all glasses obtain an OFG (Origin France Guarantee) certification that assures the French origin of products.

      The story of a namesake brand began in 1923, when Louis Lafont opened a small boutique with eyeglasses and hearing aids. In 1972, Philippe (Louis’ grandson) along with his wife Laurence, a Parisian fashion designer, established the brand Lafont and unveiled their first exclusive collection of luxury glasses. Since then, the couple has designed and crafted many unique, innovative products and collaborated with major fashion houses such as Chanel and Hermès. Today, the company operates four boutiques under its own name and distributes to over forty countries worldwide. It is now headed by two Lafont brothers Thomas and Matthieu, who continue transforming spectacles into an iconic fashion accessory.