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      Ic! Berlin ICBA06644550024571150757 EcoBlack (A066445500245711507)
      Ic! Berlin ICBA06644560734601190757 EcoBlush (A066445607346011907)
      Ic! Berlin® Sara
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1629032032t020071f44 Rosé Gold (M1629032032t020071f)
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1629002002t020071f44 Black (M1629002002t020071f)
      Ic! Berlin® Pluto
      from $500.00
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1572036036t02140md138 Electric Light Blue (M1572036036t02140md)
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1572001001t21139md138 Chrome (M1572001001t21139md)
      Ic! Berlin® MB Shield 02
      Ic! Berlin® ICBXM007000202400753 Black (XM0070002024007)
      Ic! Berlin® ICBXM007002300100753 Gunmetal (XM0070023001007)
      Ic! Berlin® Peter C
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      Ic! Berlin ICB M1536B011002t02007DO 49 Black Gunmetal
      Ic! Berlin® Carbon
      Ic! Berlin® Carbon
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      Ic! Berlin ICBD0078H265002t02311md58 Black-Orange (D0078H265002t02311md)
      Ic! Berlin ICBD0078H266028t16102md58 Aubergine-Gray (D0078H266028t16102md)
      Ic! Berlin® AMG 07
      Ic! Berlin Henry- Matt-Gold
      Ic! Berlin Henry- Black
      Ic! Berlin® Henry
      from $560.00
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1418002002t020071f50 Black (M1418002002t020071f)
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1418118010t040071f50 Harbour Silver Circle (M1418118010t040071f)
      Ic! Berlin® Amihan
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1625081213t15007do48 Rogochi Pop (M1625081213t15007do)
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1625B010B022t17007do48 Marine Blue Pearl Pop (M1625B010B022t17007do)
      Ic! Berlin® Grogu
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1358020020t189021f60 Pearl (M1358020020t189021f)
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1358059059t181151f60 Racing Green (M1358059059t181151f)
      Ic! Berlin® Oli
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1617203023t02007md53 Gun-Metal-Yellow (M1617203023t02007md)
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1617204002t02007md53 Black-Red 97 (M1617204002t02007md)
      Ic! Berlin® AMG 05
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1614020020t04007md59 Pearl (M1614020020t04007md)
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1614002002t02007md59 Black (M1614002002t02007md)
      Ic! Berlin® MB 10
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1446002002t02311do58 Black (M1446002002t02311do)
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1446031031t07137do58 Shiny-Aubergine (M1446031031t07137do)
      Ic! Berlin® Jacy C
      Ic! Berlin ICBM1590032032007sc50 Rose Gold (M1590032032007sc)
      Ic! Berlin Teresa Rose Gold-01
      Ic! Berlin® Teresa
      Ic! Berlin ICBD0072H250031t02137ttl59 Shiny Aubergine Crystal Clear (D0072H250031t02137ttl)
      Ic! Berlin Vip- Rosé-Gold-Ice-Tea
      Ic! Berlin® Vip
      from $513.00

      Whoever you are, an architect, politician, musician, scientist, or whatever your field is, if you belong to those who can truly express themselves and think with their own head, ic! berlin is your soulmate. The world-famous brand has always been striving to see things from different perspectives and provide their customers with the opportunity to express their inner world and attitude through the unique and distinctive eyewear. Each and every frame is designed and carefully handcrafted with a rebellious and creative individual in mind. This freedom of being who you want to be and saying what you want to say is reflected in every single collection of ic! berlin eyewear.

      So, why ic! berlin? The answer is pretty simple. The manufacturer offers everything from experimental to subtle, minimalist and chic, so everyone can find the frame to complement their style and personality. In addition to brilliant design, the eyewear features a screwless construction, which makes it a highly reliable and comfortable piece. The glasses come with removable clips that connect the temples with the frame, avoiding screws or glues; just head-turning design. Another reason to choose ic! berlin spectacles is an incredible fit, so you might just forget you’re wearing them. The specs will stay on whatever the activity you’re doing and look perfect with any outfit.


      The eyewear company is headquartered in the heart of Berlin, where it was founded in 1996 by Ralph Anderl and was initially known as ic! brille. Today, it counts more than 180 qualified engineers, designers and technicians who create and distribute the high-end eyewear across more than 60 countries around the globe. In spite of such an extensive global footprint, ic! berlin still crafts each of its frames by hand in order to create the highest-grade, ultra comfortable and trendy glasses. The manufacturer successfully blends together the patented no-screw hinge and natural materials, such as synthetic, titanium and stainless steel. The end result is stylish, lightweight and solid eyewear design.

      In 1998, ic! berlin eyewear was first presented at Silmo Paris, where it won Silmo D’Or, a prestigious award given for originality and ingenuity in the optical industry. Since then, the manufacturer has been honored by this award two times (in 2008 and 2011). Moreover, the eyewear company has got various top awards for its outstanding designs and technological innovations, including the Eyewear of the Year IOFT (10 times), Red Dot Design Award, Inoptics Awards (for the Best Female Frame and Best Sunglasses), WGSN Global Fashion Awards, just to name a few. The latest trophy is the IOFT Grand Prix Design Award 2021 for Men’s Eyewear.


      The story of the contemporary eyewear brand ic! berlin has started with the collaboration of three creative enthusiasts: Ralph Anderl, Harald Gottschling and Philipp Haffmans. The trio was striving to create innovative screwless sheet metal glasses. Having no business experience or optical background, it was a real challenge to hit the mark. Still, in 1996, the team presented their first pair of screwless sunnies named “Jack”. It was a single, 20-gram aluminum frame, put together with a unique screwless hinge, which is destined to change the perception of glasses. In 2003, the trio had decided to go off in contrary directions and separated, leaving Ralph Anderl at the helm of the brand. Being a sole managing director, Anderl has mastered the process of designing and production of screwless eyewear.

      Since the humble beginning, ic! berlin has created its first-rate eyewear for those men and women who have the courage to see the world through their own eyes. Today, seeing different things from new perspectives is stamped in the company’s DNA. Well-liked for its unique and quirky designs, the label can boast of its deep ties to the colorful world of music and art. Its frames are appreciated by the world’s most famous artists and celebrities, including Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Taraji Henson, Ansel Elgort, and other popular stars. In addition to the “seasonal” collections of sunglasses and eyeglasses, ic! berlin launches various “special editions,” created in collaboration with the greatest fashion designers and brands.