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      Dunhill® DU0035O - Black
      Dunhill® DU0035O - Silver
      Dunhill® DU0035O
      Dunhill® DU0004S - Gold
      Dunhill® DU0004S - Black
      Dunhill® DU0004S
      Dunhill® DU0031S - Black
      Dunhill® DU0031S - Havana
      Dunhill® DU0031S
      Dunhill® DU0048S - Havana
      Dunhill® DU0048S - Havana
      Dunhill® DU0048S
      Dunhill® DU0029S - Black
      Dunhill® DU0029S - Havana
      Dunhill® DU0029S
      Dunhill® DU0049OA - Black
      Dunhill® DU0049OA - Gray
      Dunhill® DU0049OA
      Dunhill® DU0034S - Gold
      Dunhill® DU0034S - Silver
      Dunhill® DU0034S
      Dunhill® DU0067OA
      Dunhill® DU0067OA
      Dunhill® DU0033S - Black
      Dunhill® DU0033S - Crystal
      Dunhill® DU0033S
      Dunhill® DU0044O - Black/Gold
      Dunhill® DU0044O - Black/Silver
      Dunhill® DU0044O
      Dunhill® DU0046SA - Black
      Dunhill® DU0046SA - Havana
      Dunhill® DU0046SA
      Dunhill® DU0042OA - Black
      Dunhill® DU0042OA - Black/Silver
      Dunhill® DU0042OA
      Dunhill® DU0024O - Gold
      Dunhill® DU0024O - Black
      Dunhill® DU0024O
      Dunhill® DU0039O - Silver
      Dunhill® DU0039O - Gold
      Dunhill® DU0039O
      Dunhill® DU0051S - Gold
      Dunhill® DU0051S - Silver
      Dunhill® DU0051S

      Associated with timeless class and sophistication, dunhill is one of the most exclusive luxury fashion houses in the industry. The iconic British brand draws inspiration from the traditional English gentleman, who is honorable, discreet, confident and fashion-forward. That is why, dunhill is all about forward thinking British elegance, elevated and sophisticated. The product line offers ready-to-wear, custom and bespoke menswear, leather goods, and accessories, including eyewear. Presenting a curated selection of looks – dunhill celebrates classic clothes in a timeless, refined way. Masculine sophistication is found in every dunhill piece, from suits and casual shirts to belt bags and signature square frame sunglasses. The brand prides itself on the finer things in life, and reflects this in its meticulous attention to detail.

      Dunhill possesses a refinement and dignity that truly inspires admiration. No wonder that this brand is highly popular among the world’s most famous celebrities. The finest craftsmanship and bespoke designs have allowed dunhill to separate each and every of its customers making them feel one of a kind. To reflect the exquisite taste of its owner, the brand offers an amazing selection of sunglasses and optical frames that add an aristocratic and well-balanced look. That’s why Joe Dempsie (Gendry from Game of Thrones), Jay Z, Usher, Robert Downey Jr., Aidan Turner and other world-renowned men choose dunhill frames. They make their wearers look spectacular and definitely worth admiring. The interplay of casual and formal codes, streamlined proportions, and exquisite details characterize the latest dunhill eyewear collections.


      The latest dunhill eyewear collection features a versatile selection of sunglasses and optical frames inspired by the brand’s archival designs and British pop culture icons of the 70s and 80s, namely Brian Eno, Michael Caine, and Brian Ferry. The range includes everything from bold acetate frames to ultra-lightweight titanium spectacles to modern and edgy stainless steel glasses. Crafted in Italy from the premium-quality materials while staying in sync with the House’s DNA and engineering codes, the dunhill glasses are a perfect blend of elegance and utility, modernity with classicism. The color palette is versatile and contemporary and can fit any style. Choose from the lustrous, semi-matte and transparent frames to best match your skin tone and facial features. Our professional eyewear stylists will help you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses or optical frames.

      Each pair of dunhill sunglasses or optical frames features an elegant vintage aesthetic and is characterized by the accurate construction and eye-catching embellishments, as well as a perfect sense of proportion. All glasses are expertly made in Italy, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and techniques. The results feature delicate embellishments that denote the label’s engineering and tobacco backgrounds. The collection offers a range of rectangular and square masculine frames in acetate or titanium inspired by the brand’s signature details, such as the Engine Turn pattern with custom lock hinge and a textural engraving at the handles that references the iconic Rollagas lighter in a gold-plated design. Being the modern redefinition of classic eyewear, the dunhill sunglasses and eyeglasses are just perfect for discreet, high-minded, and confident men striving for innovative eyewear styles with exquisite details.


      The dunhill brand has a rather interesting and unique history. The company was founded in 1893 by Alfred Dunhill, an English tobacconist, entrepreneur and inventor. The brand started out in the automotive industry before branching out into cigarettes. He opened a tobacconist's shop in St James's in 1907, offering a huge selection of pipes and pipe tobacco. Dunhill’s most famous customers were probably Sir Winston Churchill and His Majesty King George VI, who appointed Mr. Alfred Dunhill the official supplier for the English royal house. Shops were opened in Paris and New York in the 1920s. In 1924 the company presented their legendary lighter, which was the world's first lighter that could be operated with just one hand. Soon, Dunhill prefigured the modern luxury goods market with its international ambitions. At the end of 50s the company gained access to the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia, literally conquering the world.

      In early 1970s dunhill started tailoring ready-to-wear clothes for men using the premium-quality fabrics and materials, thus representing the true meaning of the word-combination “British craftsmanship”. Nowadays dunhill offers everything from t-shirts and polos to coats and jackets to shoes, bags, glasses and other things that can make a man highly satisfied and comfortable with his appearance and status. The renowned brand has become a distinctive symbol of quality and modern masculinity that can hardly be achieved by someone else. The dunhill’s CEO, Andrew Maag, continues a 100 years’ tradition and rules the brand in the same sophisticated way to create the best for the chosen ones. These days, dunhill follows the theme of the traditional British gentleman, representing timeless class and sophistication.

      Classic and Masculine Eyewear Designs

      Elegance, sophistication and functionality are a recognized attribute of the Alfred Dunhill accessories line, including its outstanding eyewear pieces. Inspired by the classic men’s fashion designs of the 80’s, the dunhill sunglasses and optical frames unite luxury and everyday efficiency. The collection includes classic and iconic silhouettes, while colorways remain contemporary thanks to a variety of lens tints. The exquisite details echo the iconic brand’s designs and come to the fore in the hinges, wire cores and temple features. Thus, a pair of dunhill glasses frames is a must-have for any fashion-forward gent. With this collection of eyewear, dunhill brings over a century of experience in designing the finest pieces of luxury, utilizing the best materials, and commissioning the most talented craftsmen to create statement-making eyewear.

      The dunhill’s eyewear collection balances style and sophistication without compromising quality. The spectacles are actually aimed at elegant gentlemen and have earned the brand the reputation as one of the world’s premium luxury brands. Over the years the love being shown for refined, vintage-inspired dunhill frames has only grown with celebrities and fashion mongers, like Jay Z, Jude Law, Usher, Robert Downey Jr., Aidan Turner, Joe Dempsie, just to name a few. We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be an official retailer of unique dunhill sunglasses and optical frames in Manhattan, New York. Stop by one of our two boutiques in Manhattan, New York located on the Upper West Side (280 Columbus Ave) and Upper East Side (1249 3rd Ave) to choose the perfect frame that will make you stand out from the rest and enjoy the benefits and comfort of a pair of glasses.