DITA™ Eyewear

Exciting New Styles from DITA are Coming Soon in Manhattan, New York


      Dita Miwah MIWAH DTX711 A 02  - Black Eyeglasses
      Dita® Miwah MIWAH DTX711 A 02 - Eyeglasses
      Dita® Miwah
      Dita Union UNION DRX 2068 A T BLK GLD 49  - Matte Black-12K Gold Eyeglasses
      Dita® Union Optical UNION DRX 2068 A T BLK GLD 49 - Eyeglasses
      Dita® Union Optical
      Dita Wasserman WASSERMAN TWO DTX415 A 01 - Cyber Smoke - Antique Silver Eyeglasses
      Dita® Wasserman Two WASSERMAN TWO DTX415 A 01 - Eyeglasses
      Dita® Wasserman Two
      Dita Lineus LINEUS DTX702 A 01AF  - Black - White Gold Eyeglasses
      Dita® Lineus LINEUS DTX702 A 01AF - Eyeglasses
      Dita® Lineus
      Dita Volnere VOLNERE DTX529 60 01  - Yellow Gold - Black Rhodium Eyeglasses
      Dita® Volnere VOLNERE DTX529 60 01 - Eyeglasses
      Dita® Volnere
      Dita Telion TELION DTX120 51 02  - Dark Tortoise - Gun Metal Eyeglasses
      Dita® Telion TELION DTX120 51 02 - Eyeglasses
      Dita® Telion
      Dita Brixa BRIXA DTX109 51 03A Z  - Navy/Gold Eyeglasses
      Dita® Brixa BRIXA DTX109 51 03A Z - Eyeglasses
      Dita® Brixa
      Dita Nemora NEMORA DTX401 A 01 Z  - Black - Yellow Gold Eyeglasses
      Dita® Nemora NEMORA DTX401 A 01 Z - Eyeglasses
      Dita® Nemora
      Dita Wasserman WASSERMAN DTS700 A 01 Z  - Black - Yellow Gold Sunglasses
      Dita® Wasserman WASSERMAN DTS700 A 01 Z - Sunglasses
      Dita® Wasserman
      Dita Abrux ABRUX DTS420 A 01  - Coal Swirl - Yellow Gold Sunglasses
      Dita® Abrux ABRUX DTS420 A 01 - Sunglasses
      Dita® Abrux
      Dita Revoir REVOIR DTS509 59 01 Z  - White Gold Sunglasses
      Dita® Revoir REVOIR DTS509 59 01 Z - Sunglasses
      Dita® Revoir
      Dita Arohz AROHZ DTS156 A 01  - Gold - Black Palldium Sunglasses
      Dita® Arohz AROHZ DTS156 A 01 - Sunglasses
      Dita® Arohz
      Dita Embra EMBRA DTS155 A 01  - Yellow Gold - Black Rhodium Sunglasses
      Dita® Embra EMBRA DTS155 A 01 - Sunglasses
      Dita® Embra
      Dita Union UNION DRX 2068 B BLK SLV 52 Z  - Matte Black-Antique Silver Sunglasses
      Dita® Union UNION DRX 2068 B BLK SLV 52 Z - Sunglasses
      Dita® Union
      Dita Adabrah ADABRAH DTS716 A 01  - Black Sunglasses
      Dita® Adabrah ADABRAH DTS716 A 01 - Sunglasses
      Dita® Adabrah

      Heritage, craftsmanship, discreet luxury – these are three cornerstones of DITA, the world-famous American eyewear brand recognized for its exquisite and authentic glasses. From splendid acetates and custom hardware with unique hex screws to masterfully sculpted lightweight titanium, the list of DITA’s innovations in eyewear is unparalleled. The coveted vintage-inspired DITA frames are highly popular among the fashion elite and celebrity A-list, including Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Lenny Kravitz, Eva Mendez and Jamie Fox to name just a few.

      For more than 25 years, DITA’s focus has been on perfecting the art of eyewear. Craftsmanship is at the heart of the brand – that’s why its relationships with some of the world’s most highly regarded Japanese artisans have lasted for decades. All DITA frames are handmade in Japan from the highest quality materials: titanium, 18K gold, white gold and the finest Japanese zyl acetates. The brand’s premium quality and meticulous attention to each detail is unmatched. Focus and discipline are those qualities that make the ordinary extraordinary, which is why every pair of DITA glasses is treated independently, taking months from design to production.


      DITA glasses are real pieces-of-art that boast a range of unique features. Designed with parts that are removable and replaceable, DITA utilizes assembled hinges for ultimate longevity. The frames are handcrafted from premium-grade beta-titanium, which is thin and 1/3 the weight of steel, and zyl acetates that feature a dazzling glossy finish. All lenses are covered with AR (anti-reflective) coating which reduces glare on the back of the lenses. An additional chemical hard coat improves durability and scratch resistance. All DITA frames are finished in Japan to ensure the utmost level of quality. The company’s manufacturing standards require months to craft a single frame.

      DITA continually reflects on how people show up in the midst of the chaos, creating glasses that provide a unique opportunity to express our truest selves. The DITA Fall/Winter 2022 Collection includes exclusive frame shapes offered in unique color palettes. The new eyewear range offers different ways to self-express, further exploring what it means to be ‘a category of one’. The latest collection by DITA is an understanding and embrace of spontaneity and absurdity. Visit EuroOptica, NYC, to look through our exclusive range of DITA sunglasses and optical frames and choose the frame that best suits your personality and lifestyle.


      Started in 1995, the Story of DITA is the story of two close friends John Juniper and Jeff Solorio who shared a common passion for design and photography. With their natural affinity for design, the co-founders came up with a plan to introduce luxury eyepieces inspired by vintage frames from the 50’s through the 80’s. Featuring the highest-grade materials and modern shapes, Dita’s eyewear designs distinguished themselves with the utmost quality, look and fit. The DITA’s logo details are subtle so that the frame itself defines the look rather than the logo, which allows to complement features of the wearer and contribute to their overall style.

      Over the years the brand has grown to international fame and its founders have earned the status of being some of the world’s most exclusive eyewear designers. Being committed to producing premium products, DITA avoids large advertising campaigns, superstar endorsement deals or sales to mass merchants. The company creates for those people who are seeking the finest quality and attention to detail; who dare to wear unique and assertive glasses. Today, DITA is a brand that is highly sought after with world headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be a certified retailer of luxury DITA Eyewear in Manhattan, New York.


      With over 25 years of heritage, DITA has earned a reputation as a true leader in optical innovation. The Lancier Eyewear Collection from DITA features advanced lens technology for land, sea and air. DITA-Lancier lenses are made with a lightweight, durable and impact-resistant material which improves optical precision while blocking harmful UV and blue light. They also feature unique color formulas selected for the challenges of different environments - from mountains to ocean. The Lancier frames come with three handle designs to choose from: an ultra-thin titanium profile with integrated hinge, titanium wire with an integrated tension spring and flex stop, and a mixed titanium/acetate handle finished with the signature DITA hex screws.

      The DITA Epiluxury Eyewear Collection offers a range of exquisite eyepieces that are a perfect combination of functional performance, artisan craftsmanship and timeless design. All DITA Epiluxury frames feature interchangeable handles in three designs: the Flagship temple featuring precious materials, the Standard temple made of high-end titanium and acetate, and the Cable temple for performance-based activities, such as hiking or boating. Thanks to its authentic luxury designs, DITA has a cult-like following and is a must-have accessory for many celebrities, athletes, musicians, and fashion industry insiders around the globe.