Stay Classy and Look Fashionable this Fall with the LINDBERG Wood Titanium Eyeglasses

Lindberg Wood Titanim Glasses

Today, wooden eyeglass frames are an instant hit in the eyewear market and grab the attention of designers and wearers from all over the globe. People love these frames for their streamlined, sleek and iconic look. Being a versatile material, wood is just perfect for both modern and classic eyewear designs. This unique natural material boasts outstanding qualities that can make a real difference in skilled hands.

The world-famous Danish brand LINDBERG is the cradle of cutting-edge techniques and skilled craftsmen who dig deep into the materials they use, pushing them to the limit through design ingenuity and technical development. That is why, the LINDBERG Fine Wood Titanium collection is a pinnacle of perfection and sophistication.

Lindberg Wood Titanium Round Glasses

Lindberg Fine Wood Collection - Frame1846-WD13

Lindberg Wooden panto eyeglasses
lindberg wood optical frames

Lindberg Fine Wood Collection - Frame 1857 - WD13

Featuring a unique combination of wooden fronts with a multilayer buffalo horn-backing and feather light titanium temples, these frames are the real pieces of art with one-of-a-kind texture and elegant simplicity. To ensure an ultimate look, comfort and stability for the wearer, these glasses do not need any complex design elements or bold ornamentation.

Lindberg Wood Types

                 Smoked Oak                                    Olive


The front of LINDBERG wooden frames is offered in three sorts of wood — olive, padauk, and smoked oak. To create exclusive oak spectacles, LINDBERG has explored the possibilities of bringing nature’s own history into outstanding eyewear designs. Handcrafted from the 6000+ year old log found in 1950 on the Danish island Møn, these frames feature the perfect blend of expression, elegance and comfort. The preserving properties of the bog have aged the fine wood in a unique way, giving it the dark color that takes millennia to develop.

Lindberg Wooden Spectacles 1854
Lindberg Wood Titanium Frames

Lindberg Fine Wood Collection - Frame 1854 - W17

Lindberg Fine Wood Collection - Frame 1858 - W17

The LINDBERG Fine Wood Titanium glasses not only look amazing but also feel fantastic. They radiate warmth onto the wearer’s face softening their natural facial features, and the natural colors complement practically any skin tones. Similar to the LINDBERG Buffalo Horn frames, a pair of handmade wood glasses is always one of a kind due to the distinct texture, grain, and surface structures of wood.

Lindberg Smoked Oak Glasses

Lindberg Fine Wood Collection - Frame 1856 - WB11

Being a frontrunner in utilizing titanium, LINDBERG upgrades its exclusive wood&horn frames with ultra-lightweight titanium nose bridge inserts, screwless hinges and temples, making the spectacles easy to adjust, as well as adding ultra-modern design details.

Lindberg Wood Rectangular Eyeglasses
Lindberg Wood Round Eyeglasses

Lindberg Fine Wood Collection - Frame 1859 - W11

Lindberg Fine Wood Collection - Frame 1855 - W17

We, at EuroOptica, are proud to be a certified retailer of outstanding LINDBERG eyewear in Manhattan, New York. Our collection of the LINDBERG Fine Wood Titanium spectacles offers a vast selection of classic and contemporary designs, from evergreen round and rectangular silhouettes to modern panto and square shapes. Any of these bold wooden eyeglasses will become the perfect addition to the layered look of autumn.

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Lindberg Wood Titanium Rectangular Frame
Lindberg Fine Wood Collection - Frame 1860 - WB11

The unique combination of buffalo horn, fine wood and titanium, with each material enhancing the remarkable beauty of the other, results in unmatched functionality, precise fit and unparalleled comfort. Find your own perfect fit and explore even more possibilities by visiting EuroOptica at 280 Columbus Ave (corner of W 73rd St) New York. Our professional team will help you choose the best fit to suit your personality and lifestyle.