Ray-Ban Introduces Unique Smart Glasses Created in Collaboration with Facebook

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses with Camera

We live in the era of high technologies, and today it’s impossible to imagine our lives without all those smart things we use in our everyday life: smartphones, smart watches and now…smart glasses! In collaboration with Facebook, the renowned eyewear brand Ray-Ban created the first generation of smart eyeglasses and sunglasses, the unique spectacles with camera and audio, which combine cutting-edge Facebook technology and iconic Ray-Ban style.

Ray-Ban X Facebook Collaboration Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

The new eyewear collection, the Ray-Ban Stories, is a huge milestone for the industry. The glasses are designed to keep you connected while keeping your eyes on the world around you. With Ray-Ban X Facebook frames you can take photos and videos, listen to music and calls, and share content directly to your social media channels. Choose your Ray-Ban tech glasses from 3 timeless shapes and 20 frame and lens color combinations to look incredibly trendy this year!

Ray-Ban Stories Smart Sunglasses and Smart Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban X Facebook Collaboration 2022 – Ray-Ban Stories

Ray-Ban Stories – Round Glasses

Long worn by world-famous thinkers and dreamers, such as Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and other men of genius, round glasses are a symbol of new ideas and courageous self-expression. Now integrated with Facebook technology, Ray-Ban Stories Round takes this enthusiastic spirit to the next level. The iconic shape has been reborn as a wearable tech frame designed to keep the wearer connected to their social community and the world around them. It’s the whole new way to share creativity, inspiration and talents with each other. The model is available in Shiny Black, Shiny Brown, Shiny Olive and Shiny Blue, with a choice of sun and prescription lenses featuring the latest innovations in lens technology: Clear with Blue Light filter, Brown Gradient, G-15 Green, Blue Polarized and Transitions®.

Ray-Ban Round Acetate Sunglasses with Camera and Audio

Ray-Ban Stories – Round. Show the World as you see it! Share your ideas and inspiration!

Ray-Ban Stories Round Sunglasses with Blue Polarized Lenses

Ray-Ban Stories – Round (Frame: Blue+ Lenses: Polarized Dark Blue Classic)

Ray-Ban Stories – Wayfarer Glasses

Wayfarer frames are a fashion statement, the iconic eyewear silhouette that has been popular across endlessly shifting horizons, from the rock revolution of the ‘60s, to the art scene of the ‘80s, to the forefront of hip-hop culture. Now the journey continues with the latest in wearable tech. Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer integrates the best of your phone with the timeless frame, bringing you a new way to capture and share your special moments and exciting adventures. The frame is offered in a range of colors, from Shiny Olive to Matte Black, with a choice of sun and prescription lenses featuring the latest innovations in lens technology: Clear with Blue Light filter, Brown Gradient, B-15 Brown Polarized, G-15 Green, Grey, Grey Gradient Polarized, Blue Polarized, and Transitions®.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Acetate Frame with Camera and Audio

Ray-Ban Stories – Wayfarer. Capture and share your wayfaring adventures from dawn to dusk! 

Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer Eyeglasses with Clear Lenses

Ray-Ban Stories – Wayfarer (Frame: Shiny Black + Lenses: Clear Blue Light Filter)

Ray-Ban Stories – Meteor Glasses

First presented in the 60s as an angular version of the classic Wayfarer, Meteor has evolved into a post-modern icon in its own right. Featuring distinct square wings and a bold bridge, it carves a unique shape in the crowd. And now, with the integration of cutting-edge Facebook technology, Ray-Ban Stories Meteor has extra edge. The model is offered in a range of classic shiny colors, such as Black, Brown, Olive and Blue, with a choice of sun lenses featuring the latest innovations in lens technology: Brown Gradient, G-15 Green, Blue Polarized and Transitions®.

Ray-Ban Meteor Acetate Frame with Camera and Audio

Ray-Ban Stories – Meteor. Stay connected to the moment and your social network. 

Ray-Ban Stories Meteor Sunglasses with Brown Lenses

Ray-Ban Stories – Meteor (Frame: Shiny Brown+ Lenses: Brown Gradient)

The new-generation eyewear from Ray-Ban boasts a host of innovative features all designed to bring the wearer much comfort and joy. Each pair of glasses is equipped with a Dual 5MP Camera that allows taking photos and videos hands free while staying immersed in the moment. Capture from a first-person perspective and enjoy consistently high quality content thanks to the automatic light adjustment and stereoscopic photo depth. Also, you can pause your song, take a photo or record a video in a single touch with the hyper-responsive touchpad and capture button.

To give you an opportunity to spend more time looking up, instead of down at your phone, Ray-Ban Stories Glasses are fitted up with Facebook assistant voice control. Discrete open-ear speakers allow you to seamlessly switch between taking a call and ordering a coffee. The 3 built-in microphones capture sound in all directions so you get rich voice and sound quality for calls and videos. The new glasses can be charged on the go with the compact, portable charging case. A fully charged frame will capture and sync up to 50 videos, or up to 200 photos.

To make your Smart Glasses by Ray-Ban operate at their best, you’ll need to download the Facebook View app, your smart glasses operating system and content sharing companion. Set up your Ray-Ban Stories to be able to import and edit captures, create and share unique content, and manage settings. Download the app from App Store or Google Play.

Visit EuroOptica, the authorized distributor of iconic Ray-Ban glasses in Manhattan, New York, to discover the first generation of smart sunglasses and eyeglasses, the latest in wearable tech.