Oliver Peoples Collaborated with Gio Ponti to Present Takumi Collection Second Series

Oliver Peoples Gio Ponti Takumi Eyewear Collection 2021

Inspired by Japan’s ability to transform the simple into the sublime, Oliver Peoples created the exclusive Takumi Collection, which means “artisan.” It is this rare obsession with excellent craftsmanship that influences the brand’s core values and product philosophy. Japan, with its culture, architecture and fashion, remains close to the Oliver Peoples’ heart, inspiring the manufacturer to create enduring eyewear, beautifully designed and meticulously crafted.

This fall, Oliver Peoples released the second series of its Takumi collection — a unique range of refined, geometric glasses created in collaboration with the world-famous Gio Ponti Estate. Embracing the iconic Italian architect’s style, the eyewear brand presents new refined frames, which are a perfect balance of modern and classic elements that creates a timeless aesthetic.

Oliver Peoples G.Ponti-1 Panto Round Eyeglasses with Titanium Sun Clip
G.Ponti-1 Optical Frame with a Sunglass Clip – Oliver Peoples Takumi Collection II Series

Celebrated for his prolific and genre-crossing works, Gio Ponti designed hundreds of buildings in Italy and around the globe. His projects stand out for their multifaceted visual impact that is bound to inspire delight and wonder. The architect has pushed the boundaries of the design industry into new and interesting territories. Oliver Peoples worked closely with Ponti’s family estate to produce three new titanium eyewear styles including two optical frames (with a sunglass clip) and a pair of non-prescription sunglasses. The impactful details of Gio Ponti designs can be seen at every angle of these head-turning frames.

G.Ponti-1 in Black/Burgundy 

G.Ponti-1 in G.P.Tortoise/G-15 

Oliver Peoples has interpreted Gio Ponti’s design and translated it into their sophisticated Takumi Series II collection. The capsule features everything that makes Gio Ponti’s designs iconic – sharp angles, consistent lines, three-dimensional points… Much like Ponti’s design background, the collection pushes the boundaries of an everyday object to be a real masterpiece. It’s time for a closer look at these three distinct frames that are tinged with a fresh ironic charm and a sense of surprise unmistakably evocating the Ponti spirit. 


G.P. Tortoise/G-15 


G.P. Blue Tortoise/Blue 

Washed Sage/Mustard 

A classic Oliver Peoples clip-on accessory is given a new life with the sharp and sophisticated lines of the Gio Ponti aesthetic in G.Ponti-1. Masterfully crafted in Japan, these glasses can boast of a number of standout features, such as an acetate optical frame with an angular keyhole bridge design, adjustable vintage-inspired nose pads in iconic Oliver Peoples acetate colors, exclusive beveled titanium end pieces and titanium temples featuring a faceted design. The eyeglasses are offered with a dedicated sunglass clip that has an extreme top bar. Without the clip, G.Ponti-1 feels distinctly angular as an optical. The sleek titanium temples of the spectacles beautifully contrast with the acetate front.Worn together or separately, the unique frame detail and clip accessory of G.Ponti-1 will stand out. 

G.Ponti-1 without the Dedicated Sunglass Clip 


Oliver Peoples G.Ponti-2 Round Titanium Eyeglasses with Sharp Sun Clip

G.Ponti-2 Optical Frame with a Sunglass Clip – Oliver Peoples Takumi Collection II Series

Noticeably distinct G. Ponti-2 is a combination optical frame with head-turning metal detailing. Inspired by the most prominent works of Gio Ponti, the glasses feature angled design elements incorporated into the aesthetic of the style, such as faceted titanium handles and end pieces featuring a faceted design, a titanium bridge with strong angles and a pointed center, and the extreme top bar of the sunglass clip (comes included). With or without a clip, the G.Ponti-2 is dramatically striking.

G.Ponti -2 in Brushed Chrome/G.P. Blue Tortoise/Blue 

G.Ponti-2 in Soft Gold/G-15 

Oliver Peoples G.Ponti-2 Round Titanium Prescription Glasses

G.Ponti-2 without the Dedicated Sunglass Clip

G.Ponti-2 is available in four striking colorways.

Brushed Chrome/G.P. Blue Tortoise/Blue 

Brushed Chrome/G.P. Blue Tortoise/Mustard 

Brushed Brass/Black/Brown 



Oliver Peoples G.Ponti-3 Round Titanium Sunglasses with Sharp Bridge

G.Ponti-3 Non-Prescription Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples Takumi Collection II Series 

G.Ponti-3 in Soft Gold/Cobalto 

G.Ponti-3 in Brushed Brass/Burgundy 

The bold angular design of the G. Ponti-3 is one of the most prominent Ponti’s influences shown in this collaboration. It is a titanium sunglass frame with a perfectly rounded lens shape and distinctly sharp bridge; it is just a perfect balance of angular and rounded design. Also, theshades feature unique details like beveled end pieces and temples. The signature design of the G.Ponti-3 can be found in dark colored glass lenses as well as a light wash color way. 


Silver/Yellow Wash 

Brushed Chrome/Amber Brown Polar 

Brushed Brass/Burgundy 

Soft Gold/G-15 Polar 

The exclusive collaboration of Oliver Peoples and Gio Ponti is where eyewear meets art! It’s all about highlighting the perfect geometry, which results in sharp, architectural silhouettes, ideal for high achievers and self-assured people. So, if you’re hunting for dramatically distinct glasses, look no further than these opulent G.Ponti frames from Oliver Peoples!

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