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Wissing™ Eyeglasses

Boldness and uniqueness are those distinguishing features that have always characterized Wissing. The German company was established in 1953, specializing in manufacturing of original acetate frames. Committed to exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering attention to every detail, the brand is recognized and trusted in the global eyewear industry. Handmade from top-grade cellulose acetate, the frames can be customized to any client’s specific needs in terms of size, style, and color combinations to guarantee the finest eyewear piece, without compromising on comfort, quality and reliability.

Walter Wissing & Co. is located in a small town called Bensheim, Germany, where highly professional designers and engineers create something really special. Each frame is a one-off, unmistakable piece of art, crafted from multi-layer acetate, which means endless possibilities for eyewear design. Whichever shape or color combination is preferred, the manufacturer will surely provide a comfortable, innovative, and, mostly important, the exclusive spectacle frame. All Wissing products are expertly handcrafted in Germany, whether it is a ‘ready to wear’ model or a unique custom piece.


A reputed German frame manufacturer Wissing creates one-of-a-kind styles appreciated for their bright, bold colors and structure. The first collection included 15 unique frames that featured distinctive shapes and eye-catching hue combinations (with up to 12 different colors in a single design). Made from cellulose acetate, the frames are guaranteed to stay bright even when the glasses are worn on a daily basis. Vivid design is just one of many reasons why the manufacturer has chosen acetate as a base material to create its frames. It is also extremely durable and highly resistant to temperature changes, which prevents the frames from breaking or becoming brittle.

Wissing is a sustainable company that is focused on serving the needs of the present time without compromising on the future. With this vision in mind, the manufacturer strives to create products that both meet their customer’s requirements and do not harm the environment. Acetate is an allergy-free plastic made from natural renewable materials, which makes it Earth-friendly and safe for the skin when worn. Moreover, Wissing optical frames are extremely lightweight and flexible to ensure superior comfort to the wearer. Easily molded into any extraordinary geometric form, the frames can boast of unrivaled design that catches the eye.


Established in 1953, Walter Wissing & Co. is specializing in manufacturing unique eyewear frames crafted from cellulose acetate in any size, shape, and color. Located in Bensheim, Hessen, Germany, the company distributes its products around the world, from Paris and Milan to Las Vegas and New York. The brand is known for its extraordinary acetate glasses that feature a multi-layer construction and bright color combinations. The manufacturer does not provide specific collection quantities with prescribed sizes; it creates frames according to their customers’ exact specifications. The spectacles are then branded and shipped to a buyer.

From its early inception, the company was headed by Walter Wissing, who had three daughters with no desire to take over the father’s business. The moment when Olaf Lauer, an optician who simply wanted to buy some material, crossed the threshold of the company, was the fateful event. Once Mr. Lauer headed the corporation in 1991, things changed a lot. He built a new plant and increased the staff with a single aim to continue processing acetate and creating new outstanding frames together with their customers. Nowadays, the company is a globally trusted and highly popular frame manufacturer, whose up-to-date, eye-catching designs are chosen by the statement-making trendsetters all over the globe.