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Same Day Glasses

If you want to get a new pair of glasses or need a lens update for existing spectacles, you can get it quickly, thanks to our same day service. We are always ready to help you as fast as possible to provide every customer with superior quality single vision glasses. We know that our clients don’t want to wait long, and our on-site lab can make a pair of eyeglasses the same day you order them. Single vision glasses contain one prescription, and they are used to correct for only one distance by nearsighted people or those who need glasses to see things far away from them.

When you need new glasses, it’s understandable you do not want to wait several days or even weeks. Thanks to our professionals, lenses for single vision glasses can be made and installed into frames quickly. Our experienced team works hard to satisfy clients’ needs to have their new pair ready on the same day. If you need a new pair of single vision glasses urgently, simply head to our optical store EuroOptica, at 288 Columbus Ave, Manhattan, NY. With our skilled team of experts, we’re proud to offer our same day service for most optical and designer frames that are in stock.

How does it work?

Your quality eyesight is our priority number one. We understand how important it is for people to see clearly, and we’re ready to do it on the highest level and very quickly! Our in-store lab is furnished with ultra-precise equipment to craft new lenses of excellent quality and fit. Providing the best products and services for our customers is our major goal, and we use only the latest lens finishing systems, including Mr. Blue 2.0 Sun & Sport Edition from the USA company Essilor Instruments that develops the modern solutions and latest technologies for eye care professionals worldwide.

With top-rated equipment and qualified experts in optometry, we are ready to offer our speedy service. Our professionals do their best to craft new lenses for your eyewear, adjusting and fitting them for you precisely to provide unparalleled comfort and clear vision. Every client can easily order and receive a new pair of single vision glasses on the same day without delays. Our lab is stocked with a wide selection of premium quality lenses, and we have the most effective lens finishing systems of various speed, levels, automatism, and range of shapes.

Our Advantages

Customer satisfaction is our main motto, and we love to see wide smiles on our clients’ faces when they get and wear a pair of new glasses. To meet people’s needs, our store hosts a full-service in-house laboratory. Discover the main advantages of our same day service:

  • We craft lenses in-house, so there is no misreading of the prescription or any occasional mistake
  • Each lens is finished with the latest quality standards using the precious equipment 
  • We will provide you with single vision glasses quickly, so you don’t have to squint for days during the waiting 
  • Our lab uses the most advanced technology to craft lenses following your prescription needs
  • With a team of experienced and skilled optics, we can craft your lenses and make your single vision glasses just in a few hours
  • We work patiently and carefully to provide you with new eyewear of excellent quality