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Sabine Be™ Eyeglasses

Fresh, extravagant, chic, colorful, different…each of these adjectives perfectly describes glasses made by Sabine Be, the eyewear brand that has become one of the most innovative and respected in the industry. Since 2014, the company has created hundreds of eye-popping spectacles, famous for their extraordinary design and ultimate quality. Handmade in France, these glasses, as well as other products in the “be” line, are associated with both performance and style. Being passionate about design, Sabine Bégault-Vagner, the founder of the brand, successfully combines beautiful colors and fantastic shapes to create really unique and inspiring glasses.

What started as a childhood dream is now a revolution in the world of eyewear. The designer’s playful use of bold colors and various intriguing shapes makes each frame a work of art, which inspires its wearer to “be Dandy,” “be Bossy,” “be Muse,” “be Lucky,” or whoever you’d like to be. The designs are fun and innovative; especially crafted for those who are not afraid of being individually noticed. These are not for the shy or feint-hearted. To learn more about the artful and unique frames by Sabine Be, please visit our optical boutique located at 280 Columbus Ave, New York. EuroOptika is very proud to be an authorized distributor for such outstanding collections.


Everyone at Sabine Be believes that quality is a core value, which enables them to strive continually toward reaching their goals and achieving excellence in customer satisfaction. Each frame is meticulously designed and crafted at a well-known French factory from the highest-grade cellulose acetate. Being a creative mind and ultimate perfectionist, Sabine cares about every minor detail, from hinges and handles to beautiful decorations, such as the bold, red-colored circle that symbolizes the brand. Each collection is filled with its own charm and comes with unique, head-turning frames that are guaranteed to be a stand out in any crowd.

For men, women and kids, sunglasses and optical frames, the manufacturer has something to offer for everyone! The only thing that is constant in the Sabine Be’s world is the designer’s know-how and daring touch. For the rest, the sky is the limit. Her groundbreaking eyewear is appreciated by the most creative and inspired people all over the globe. USA, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium… The glasses can be found in more than 900 stores worldwide. On our shelves, we’ve handpicked the most opulent Sabine Be frames, from elegant glasses with cloud drawings onto lenses to chic frames with flat colors and daring shapes. Our experienced opticians will help you choose a perfect pair of glasses that meets all your style needs.


Sabine Bégault-Vagner is a world-famous eyewear designer and a founder of a namesake brand, who has created her own unique marque in the optical world. Sabine was born in Orléans, France, in a family of opticians: her mother owned an eyewear store in the town center and her father was a manager at an optical laboratory. The girl had a deep passion for fashion and wished to become a renowned eyewear designer someday. Although Sabine had a slow start in her home country after the foundation of the brand in 2014, in just 4 years, she has become one of the most trusted and innovative eyewear designers in the industry.

Everything started with a collection of 6 prototypes that were created in November, 2013. Sabine, along with her husband, went door-to-door to many optical boutiques from France to the United States – but in vain. Fortunately, they met Julia Gogosha, who agreed to take a look at the prototypes. Thus, the happy couple got their first fan and the order. Upon Julia’s advice, Sabine visited Artsee in New York and Miami Beach, who also placed orders for their glasses. Things took a new turn from there. Today, the world of Sabine Be includes amazing glasses that cater for all tastes, ages, and groups, as well as stylish and unique bracelets, cases, chains, etc., all designed and crafted in-house to the most exacting standards.