Digital Optometrics

Digital Optometrics

Comprehensive Eye Exams Performed Remotely By Doctors of Optometry

DigitalOptometrics™ - Comprehensive Eye Exams Performed Remotely in Real-Time By Doctors of Optometry

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How It Works

Health Information
Step 1
Health Information

When you visit a participating DigitalOptometics eye care provider for your exam, you'll be given a digital tablet to record your basic information and your eye health and medical history. This information is stored on a secure server for your doctor to review. This allows them to tailor their recommendations and treatment plans to each individual's needs.

Step 2
Preliminary Testing

Our optician will bring you to the pre-test area. They will collect information about your current prescription, take corneal measurements and perform an eye pressure test, providing clear communication throughout the process.

They may also take photos and videos or perform additional tests to ensure accurate results. The Anterior Chamber, or outside structures of the eye, will be captured in high-definition using a video Slit Lamp. This enables remote assessment by a doctor for comprehensive eye care.

Preliminary Testing
Accurate Refraction
Step 3
Accurate Refraction

Next, our optician will escort you to the optical exam room. Once there, you'll look through the phoropter and see an eye chart and large screen. The phoropter is remotely controlled by a DigitalOptometrics technician who communicates with you via HD video conferencing.

The technician's job is to pre-determine your vision correction. All of your data is then reviewed remotely by a licensed optometrist.

Step 4
Doctor Consultation

The remote technician signs off while the optometrist appears on the screen, ready to communicate with you in real time via high-definition video conferencing. The doctor is able to review all patient information and pretest results, including suggestions for eyeglass and contact lens selection based on your specific needs. The optician is available to answer any questions you may have and discuss your exam results.

Doctor Consultation
Receipt of Prescription
Step 5
Receipt of Prescription

When your exam is complete, the optometrist will write your prescription for your new glasses or contacts within minutes, saving you time and ensuring you get the best vision. The doctor's prescription is printed on site and you are ready to shop for high quality designer frames and lenses at EuroOptica.

Complete Eye Health Exam in Real-Time

Comprehensive eye health and vision analysis performed by a licensed optometrist operating optical equipment remotely and communicating with the patient by video conferencing.

Licensed Optometrist Performed Exams

Only a licensed optometrist will perform your eye exam and will review the results of the exam and answer your questions at the conclusion of the exam.

Eyeglass and Contact Lens Prescriptions in Minutes

Within minutes after conclusion of your exam the optometrist will issue and have delivered to you a corrective vision prescription.

Details to Comprehensive Ten (10) Point Eye Health Exam

Click here for listing of the elements included in the comprehensive eye health exam and vision analysis.

Referrals to Physician Specialists, if necessary

Recommendations from the licensed optometrist may include referral to specialists as a follow-up to the information secured by the optometrist from the eye exam.

Walk-ins Encouraged, No Appt Necessary

Tele-Optometry by DigitalOptometrics has licensed optometrists available during all business hours of the optical provider to perform a comprehensive eye exam in less than 30 minutes.

DigitalOptometics™ is an innovative technology that allows optometrists to perform a comprehensive eye exam and write a prescription from a remote location in less than 30 minutes. This revolutionary technology leverages new advances in tele-optometry to provide a safe and comfortable experience for patients while maintaining social distance. The platform integrates cutting-edge diagnostic tools and technologies, including digital imaging and automated refraction, that help optometrists conduct the most accurate and efficient eye exams, resulting in more precise diagnoses and treatment plans. Plus, you no longer have to worry about being turned away during peak days and times. With the DigitalOptics platform, you will never be denied or turned away from an optical exam. Discover a few simple steps to get a comprehensive eye exam at EuroOptica using the DigitalOptometrics™ service.